Bifold Doors Or Regular Patio Doors?

There are plenty of reasons to want the right doors on the back of your home so you can access your patio. And if you are ready for something new and different, there are also plenty of options. You could go with something regular and standard for the patio door, like French doors or sliding glass doors. Or you could go with something a little more extraordinary, like bifold doors in Del Mar, CA. Here’s a comparison so you know what you will get with each.

bifold doors in Del Mar, CA


If you want to get fresh air into your home, you can do that with any patio door. Sliding glass doors only open halfway so they won’t let in as much as French doors. With French doors, assuming both sides are operational and can swing open, you have a larger space to allow fresh air to flow. If you want your interior to feel like the exterior of your home, bifold doors gives you the most ventilation possible. The doors fold back and out of the way, making your home and the outdoors one space and giving you limitless ventilation.

Natural Light

Natural light is important to any home. You want your space to feel welcoming and open as well as perhaps larger than it actually is. French doors are very limited as to how much light they let in because they generally do not have as much glass area. Sliding glass doors are usually all glass, but they are only the size of two doors. Bifold doors, on the other hand, can be as large as you want them to be, even the size of the entire wall. They let in tons of natural light, but you don’t have to worry about extra heat. Get low-E glass and they block the heat of the sun while allowing light through.


Sliding glass doors can be opened or closed, sliding one way and keeping the other glass area stationary. Those are the only options. French doors can also be open or closed, but you may be able to open one side or both at a time. The problem with those is that they swing open so they are often in the way, either inside your house or outside on the patio. With bifold doors, you can open just a little bit, just one door, or the entire section, allowing you versatility for any occasion.

When you want something that works for your patio, consider bifold doors in Del Mar, CA. As you start to look into the options, the professionals at The Pelletier Company can help you figure out which configurations would work best with your needs and goals. Call us for a free consultation at (858) 271-1750 and we can take a look at your home or answer your questions. You can also look at bifold door options in our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We’re here to help you get the look and feel you want for your home.

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