Bifold Doors Over Patio Doors

There are advantages to any type of door you want to put between your home and the patio. However, if you are looking between regular sliding patio doors and bifold doors in San Diego, CA, it might become obvious that bifold doors are the right choice for your home. Here are some of the benefits the hold over regular doors.

bifold doors in San Diego, CA

Superior Ventilation

When you have regular patio doors, they will give you a little ventilation when you have them open. But that might not be enough for you. Living in California, there are more nice days than not. You can get more of the ventilation and fresh air you want when you have bifold doors. These doors can open the whole back of your house to the outdoors and allow your home to feel more like an outdoor living area, even when you are inside.

Optimal Natural Light

Any door on your home that has glass in it is going to let at least some light through, but no door can do more than bifold doors. If you want your home to have as much natural light as possible, you can’t beat these doors. Don’t worry about the heat that could come from too much light, though, because the doors can have low-E glass on them, which allows light through, but blocks heat. Your home will remain nice and sunny without any of the hotness that can come from sunlight.

High Levels Of Energy Efficiency

If you’re getting something new, lots of different kinds of doors can give you energy efficiency. But bifold doors, though they are mostly glass, are among the best options when you are replacing an old patio door. It sounds strange that glass doors would allow you to get something efficient, but glass has come a long way and can be upgraded to be even more so. You want efficiency for your home, and you can have that along with other perks that come with bifold doors.

Enjoy The View

Many California homes come with a stellar view, but what good is it if you can’t take advantage of it? Sure, if you have regular patio doors, you can go outside and see it, but wouldn’t it be nice to see it from inside as well? You can when you have bifold doors. The view is the same, whether you have the doors opened or closed.

These are just a few of the benefits you can get when you have bifold doors in San Diego, CA instead of regular patio doors. The professionals at The Pelletier Company can talk through more benefits with you, whenever you are ready to do so. You can call us at (858) 271-1750 and we can answer your questions. You can also come to our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street, Ste F San Diego, CA 92131 and we can show you different doors, talk about your home’s needs, and get to know your preferences. We’re here to give your home the best options all the way around.

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