Choosing BiFold Doors, Folding Glass Doors, and Multi Slide Doors in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Are you having a hard time deciding on the right doors for your home or office? You will find a variety of design styles that are available, making the decision process difficult for many people. The best way to find the right bifold doors, folding glass doors, and multi slide doors in Rancho Santa Fe, CA is by talking with the experts at The Pelletier Company.

Rancho Santa Fe CA Multi Slide Patio Doors

Our team is dedicated to helping you create the home or office of your dreams. We know that many people have specific preferences about the design styles for their living space, and we want to help you find the right doors and windows that you are searching for.

Comparing Options: Door Styles in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The first step to deciding on the type of doors that you need for your home or office is to compare the design styles that are available. We invite you to stop by our showroom at The Pelletier Company for more information about the features and designs that you can choose from. We carry all of the popular brands, including Centors, Milgard, and Fleetwood.

These are a few of the popular styles that our customers have enjoyed:

  • BiFold Doors: Commonly used for small spaces, bifold doors can be used in many different situations. These bifold doors typically bend at the middle of the door, allowing the doors to open by moving to the side to open up the space that is available. If you need doors for a small space where you don’t have a lot of floor room for the door to move, then you should consider bifold doors and other similar design styles.
  • Folding Glass Doors: Glass creates a beautiful finish to any space, and these folding glass doors are perfect for outdoor living areas. With glass, you can have the doors closed to maintain a quiet space with a little more privacy. Or, you can fold the doors to the side in order to open up the space and create a larger living area connected to your garden, yard, or balcony.
  • Multi Slide Doors: For ultimate beauty and functionality, you need to consider the benefits of multi slide doors in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. These doors can be sized to match any space, allowing you to create the perfect function with closed doors or open living conditions. Often, homeowners love installing these doors in a way so the living area can be opened to an outdoor patio or balcony. As a result, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather when it is nice outside.

Quality and Design for Your Home or Office

Here at The Pelletier Company, we understand how important it is to install high quality doors and windows in your home. We never cut corners or sacrifice quality on the installations that we do, because we want to be sure that you are completely happy with the finished project when we are done.

By choosing high quality doors right now, you can have the peace of mind to know that these doors will last for many years. Some homeowners find that they settle for a lower quality product in order to save some money, resulting in a situation where the doors need to be replaced again in the future.

So, get it done right the first time! By installing high quality doors in your home or office, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful upgraded space. Additionally, you will have the benefits of improved property value, making it easier for you to sell your home when you decide that it is time to list it on the real estate market.

Picking the Right Doors Contractor on Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The most important decision that you can make when choosing doors in Rancho Santa Fe, California is to select a contractor that you can trust. Find a company with a good reputation, such as The Pelletier Company. Our experienced team will take the time that is needed to help you find the right doors and windows for your home, and our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the result when we are done.

Some people make the mistake of choosing a contractor based on price alone, which can be problematic because they sacrifice the quality of their new doors. Instead of only looking at the price tag, consider the durability and value in the proposal, so that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal for the money that is spent.

For more information about bifold doors, folding glass doors, and multi slide doors in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, you are invited to contact us at The Pelletier Company! We have a beautiful showroom for you to visit at 9899 Hibert St. Ste F, San Diego, CA 92131. Feel free to contact us by email at or you can call our office at: (858) 271-1750