Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space With Bifolding Doors

One of the most popular home projects to take on today is to create an outdoor living space on the back of the home. Some people even create an entire outdoor kitchen. These spaces are great for entertaining, hanging out with the family, relaxing, and even for resale value in the future. The problem is, they cost quite a bit, depending on what you want. Instead of spending a bundle on an outdoor living space, consider bifolding doors in La Jolla, CA.

folding glass doors in La Jolla, CA

Bifolding doors are completely glass and allow you the view of outside from the interior of your home. Even when the doors are closed and in place over the back of your home, it looks like you have a lot more space than you really do. They bring natural light streaming into the home and make the space look welcoming and fresh. Natural light does a lot for moods, as well, but you can get low-E coatings on the glass so the light doesn’t also bring in heat or UV rays.

It sounds strange to give up the idea of an outdoor living space and go for bifolding doors instead, but it works really well, when you think about it. If you fold back your bifolding doors and let the fresh air into your home, the interior of your house becomes just like the exterior. You flow from one space to the other with ease. So while you might still want a concrete pad outside, some landscaping, a garden, and maybe even a seating area, you certainly don’t have to go to long lengths or build something like an outdoor kitchen. Your own kitchen feels like it is outside and since you have easy access back and forth, you can create what you want and take it outside with ease.

Getting bifolding doors is a lot cheaper than building a fancy outdoor living space, complete with an outdoor kitchen. You get unlimited views and natural lighting when the doors are closed and when they are open, you get that outdoor living space feel right inside your home. You can’t beat the ease of this project to make an outdoor living space on the interior of your home.

If you like the idea of having bifolding doors in La Jolla, CA so you can enjoy an outdoor living space with a lot more ease than you would in actually building one, contact the experts at The Pelletier Company by calling (858) 271-1750. We can go over options with you, talk about your home specifically, and offer recommendations. It’s also helpful to come to our showroom and see what things look like in person. We’re located at 9899 Hibert Street, Ste F San Diego, CA 92131 and we’d love to show you around, talk about energy efficiency in our doors, and get details about your lifestyle to help you make choices. We want your home to be everything you want it to be, inside and out.

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