How Energy Efficient are Bifold Doors?

While bifold doors are a great way to bring more natural light into your San Diego, CA home, you might worry about energy efficiency. They’ll bring in light, sure, but what about the heat of the California sun? Will they protect you from all the rain you get or will there be leaks you have to clean up constantly? There are ill-fitted bifold doors on the market, but there are also options that will keep your home insulated, safe, and comfortable throughout the year. Whether you are embarking upon a sunny or rainy day, there are bifold doors that can protect your home.

Weatherproof Options

No external doors are 100% weatherproof because there’s no such thing as perfection. However, bifold doors are just as weatherproof as any other door. Just because they are made from glass instead of wood, metal, or fiberglass does not mean they can’t take on rain and other harsh elements. They can! They thrive under day-to-day use just as well as any other external door. Plus, the threshold on the bifold doors is much lower so there is less room for the weather to seep in during a rainstorm.

Check the Seals

Some bifold doors are better than others when it comes to weatherproofing, and you will want to look at the seal between the threshold of the door and the floor. The seals are often rubber, but they can also be made from brush, which is not as secure as an option. A tight seal won’t let water in and it also won’t let your heating and cooling efforts out. You also want doors to be secure from intruders and if you can’t slip a sheet of paper under the door and pull it out the other side, then the seal is tight and burglars and water can’t get through either.

Consider Materials

Bifold doors come in a variety of materials as well, just like any other door. The materials you choose will help determine their energy efficiency as well. Vinyl is the most affordable option, but if you are getting a lot of sunlight through the doors, you might want another material. Wood or aluminum are both sturdy, though more expensive. If you are really worried about the elements, you can add rubber to the seals to reinforce the materials.

Bifold doors can be a grand addition to any home. If you love your outdoor living space and you want easy access and great views from the inside, bi-fold doors are a great option. As long as you get the right bifold doors, you won’t have a problem with energy efficiency either. That’s why it’s important to work with professionals like those at The Pelletier Company. Stop by our showroom to look at seals and options at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 or call (858) 271-1750 with your questions or to set up a free consultation. We’ll set you up with the perfect bifold doors!

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