Folding Glass Door Basics

 San Diego, CA folding glass

If you don’t know what San Diego, CA folding glass doors are, don’t feel bad. There are plenty of people who have never heard of them. But isn’t the name intriguing? Wouldn’t you like to know more? There are misconceptions behind the name, but these doors are very functional and could very well be the right door for your home if you want something that showcases your outdoor living space or patio. Learn the basics and see what you think from there.  

Folding Glass Doors—Defined 

Folding glass doors are doors that fold up as you slide them open. They have many components and while some pivot and line up, others fold back. There are so many different parts that they require professional installation to get things done right. But once they are installed, most homeowners love them so much they wish they had gone through the process sooner. 

 Folding Glass Door Applications 

The great thing about these units is that they are highly versatile. You can use them in plenty of places and open them in a number of ways. You can open just one door to go in or out or you can fold up half of the doors to give yourself a little more space. When you open the folding glass doors completely, your home is part of your outdoor living space and vice versa.  

Similarities and Differences To Other doors 

Folding glass doors are run on a track, like sliding doors, and they fold up like accordion-style doors. They can also be used like a French door and just be opened in one piece at a time. These doors are also very different from others, however. They fold back as they open and don’t really swing in or out. They are made of two separate doors that fold up and out of the way on either side.  

What are your thoughts about folding glass doors? Perhaps you’ve never thought about putting them on your house, but now you’d like to look into them further. Maybe you’ve read about them before or have seen examples on other homes, restaurants, or stores in the area. They’re a great gift for a variety of locations.  

If you have an interest in learning more about San Diego, CA folding glass doorscontact The Pelletier Company by calling (858) 271-1750. We can answer your questions over the phone or invite you in for a free consultation. During that consultation, we’d be happy to show you around our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 to highlight some of the different types of folding glass doors so you can see what might work for your home. At this point, we’re just brainstorming and trying to give you as much information as you need to make some basic decisions. After that, we’ll get into specifics if you are interested in moving forward with the project. It’s your home—we just want to help you make it the best it can be. 

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