Are Folding Glass Doors Really Safe?

There are a lot of things you want for your home in Pacific Beach, CA. Of course you want it to look nice, but above all else, you want it to remain as safe as possible. You want to protect your family and your possessions against anything that could happen to them. So whenever you are thinking about making changes to your house, safety is key. If you’ve always liked the look of folding glass doors and you’re thinking about opening your home up to the patio by having them installed, you might worry about safety issues. However there aren’t many causes for concern when it comes to folding glass doors. Here’s why!

The Glass is Tough

When it comes to doors and windows, they are the way that intruders and pests get into your home. They’re the vulnerable parts of any house. And it’s a lot easier to get through a glass door than a door without glass, right? In theory yes, but when you’re talking about folding glass doors, they are a lot tougher than you think. In fact, they come with triple-glazed panes, which is actually really hard to break. It’s not easy at all and can turn burglars away when they realize what they’re up against.

Tiny Fingers are Safer

Doors can be quite the hazard if you have young children around. You never know when they’re going to get their little fingers stuck in the door as it slams shut. But when you have folding glass doors, there are magnets on the doors to stop them from slamming shut from the wind or even someone who might be throwing a 2-year-old tantrum. The roller systems at the bottom can be encased so no little fingers are in danger there either.

Furniture and Flooring is Protected

When you open your house up to natural lighting, it can be a nice change. It makes the space look bigger and allows you to turn the artificial lights off during the day. But it can make your flooring and furniture and other items fade faster, right? Not with folding glass doors that have a low-e coating! This coating allows natural light in, but keeps UV rays out so nothing fades earlier or faster than before. In fact, that premature aging will stop!

Folding glass doors bring plenty of advantages and you can enjoy them all, including safety elements. If you have any questions about other safety features that folding glass doors include, such as multi-locking systems, give The Pelletier Company a call at (858) 271-1750. We’re happy to answer all of your safety questions and even come to your house and examine the space you’re considering for folding glass doors. For more details, you can check Pacific Beach, CA folding glass doors. We also welcome you to our showroom to take a look at examples and see how they work for yourself. We’re located at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 and we’re happy to show you around!

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