How Are Multi Slide Doors Different?

There are many things you want for your home. You want it to be safe, first and foremost, and you want it to be comfortable. You also want it to be stylish, but you want it to be different and unique as well. There are plenty of ways you could go about accomplishing those things and Rancho Santa Fe, CA multi slide doors can help. It’s nice to know that your home isn’t identical to the one next door and that you have things others don’t in terms of your design. How are multi slide doors different than regular doors and what can they do for your home? Let’s find out.  

Rancho Santa Fe, CA multi slide doors

The Indoor-Outdoor Living Design 

If you were to live in the Midwest or in the north somewhere, you might want to close your house off against the cold outside and forget about what’s going on around the home. However, when you live in California, there are more nice days than not and living inside and outside at once is a huge advantage. With multi slide doors, you can have it both ways, depending on the day and what you want. You can transform your space to completely closed to an expanded living area that goes well beyond your walls and into the outdoors. Even when the doors are closed, you have incredibly huge views and plenty of natural light and when you open them, you get all the fresh air you want as well.  

Maximum Energy Efficiency 

If you are considering adding more glass to your home through multi slide doors, you might worry about energy efficiency, but that’s one worry you can check off with ease. New doors have tight seals with double pane glass and low-E coatings that reflect heat back outside in the summer and back into your house in the winter. You don’t have to worry about letting your home’s efficiency down. In fact, it will rise.  

Customizing Options 

Not only does every home not have multi slide doors in the first place, but you can customize yours in infinite ways to express your originality and your home’s style. You can get any size, any configuration, and a variety of designs to make the doors just what you want.  

Multi slide doors in Ranch Santa Fe, CA can open your home up to a whole new way of life. Living indoors and outdoors at once feel luxurious and comfortable. It could help you with entertaining when you have guests over as well, but even just for your family, it’s a great way to enjoy the weather that California brings your way on a regular basis. Close the doors and have natural light and great views; open them and let the fresh breezes in as well. If you’re interested in making the change, contact The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750 to ask questions about multi slide doors. You can also come see some for yourself at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We’re here to show you just how different and unique these doors can be. 

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