Problems Bifold Doors Can Solve

Every home has its problems and while you may not be able to fix them all, you want your home to be as nice and comfortable as possible. While the doors on your home help you get in and out, they also serve a lot of other purposes. There are some problems that your home may hold that San Diego, CA bifold doors could fix. Here are a few to consider:  

San Diego, CA bifold doors

Problem 1: Not Enough Natural Light 

There may be some rooms in your home that don’t have enough natural light, which could make them feel smaller, closed up, and even dim. If that space is the kitchen, dining area, or living area, it can make you feel moody. Natural light means a lot to a house and one great way to get more of it into your home is to install bifold doors. They will let in as much light as you need and give you a more open feel to any space.  

Problem 2: Not Enough Room To Exit 

Regular doors serve their purposes and allow you in and out of your house. But sometimes, you might be carrying a tray of drinks or you might be trying to go outside while a guest is coming in. There’s not enough room through a single door, but you can solve all of those issues by connecting your indoor living space to the outdoors with bifold doors. The doors open wide and fold back, out of the way, so there’s enough room for anyone to go in and out at once, carrying anything.  

Problem 3: Energy Efficiency 

Older doors likely have air leaks around them and that can kill a home’s energy efficiency. If you have noticed a draft or have high energy bills, changing out your doors can really help. While you are in the market for new doors, it makes sense to make other changes as well. It sounds strange that bifold doors would increase energy efficiency, but they certainly can. They have the strength and seal with your house to give you the efficiency you need along with the other functions you want.  

Problem 4: Ventilation 

Some homes are stuffy, even if you open the doors and windows. There needs to be even more airflow and you can accomplish that with bifold doors. These doors completely open the house and let the air flow with ease. That’s a very nice feature to have when you live somewhere nice like San Diego.  

If you are ready to solve one of more of these issues, bifold doors in San Diego, CA could be the right fit. If you’re interested in the option, contact The Pelletier Company by calling (858) 271-1750 to get a free consultation. We can also show you some examples in person if you visit our store at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We’d love to talk to you about problems your home may hold that bifold doors can solve for you after they are installed. 

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