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Bifold Doors Are Right For You If…

Coronado, CA bifold doors

Have you admired Coronado, CA bifold doors on other homes? Have you seen them on TV shows, home improvement magazines, and other locations and sighed? What would they look like on your home? It sure would be nice to find out. But it’s a big leap to take and an investment as well. What if you don’t like them as much as you think you might? Here are a few ways to tell if bifold doors are right for you. They might be the perfect fit if…  

You Want Your Home To Be More Open To Outside 

Even if you don’t open the bifold doors, your home will feel more open because of them. When they’re closed, they bring in a lot of natural light and great views. You don’t have to worry about the home getting too hot, however, because window technology today reduces the heat transfer quite a bit. And when you have the bifold doors open, you can enjoy the outside elements in the comforts of your own home and move back and forth with ease.  

You Entertain A Lot Of Guests 

An outdoor living space is the perfect place for your guests to enjoy your company and a nice evening or afternoon. But having a lot of people over can get cumbersome when you have to go in and out with drinks or when they are trying to move in and out of the house themselves. You don’t have to worry about that issue with bifold doors. Just fold the doors up and out of the way and you can move in and out at the same time as lots of other people without any problems at all.  

You Have A Renovation Budget 

Bifold doors aren’t the most inexpensive option on the market, but if you have a budget in place, they might be the perfect fit for you. Don’t let money deter you if this is what you really want. Save up what you can and go for the project when you’re good and ready. Your regular doors can suffice in the meantime as you dream about the doors you’ll put into place when you can.  

If you really think Coronado, CA bifold doors are for you, it never hurts to at least look into the project a big deeper and get more information. For that, contact The Pelletier Company by calling (858) 271-1750. We’re here to answer your questions and get into the details, as big or as little as you want. We can also show you various styles and options when you come to our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We want what’s best for your home and if you’ve decided that’s bifold doors, we aim to please. These doors can make a huge difference in the look and feel of any home. When you’re ready, contact us and we’ll get started on giving you advice amid the many products on the market to find the best fit. 

Make Your Home Feel Like A Restaurant With Bifold Doors

Solana Beach, CA bifold doorsIf you are looking to make changes in your home, there are plenty of thigs to consider. Perhaps you already feel like a short order cook when all of your kids want different things for lunch or dinner. But wouldn’t it be much nicer to feel like your home was a high-class restaurant? There are changes you can make to create that look and feel. Consider Solana Beach, CA bifold doors as a good place to start.  

Open The Home To The Elements 

There are more gorgeous days in California than not and when you want to eat outside, it’s simple and easy with bifold doors in place. You can leave the doors open and carry things from inside to outside with ease. You know no restaurant would serve guests outside through doors that were way too small for their trays. They’d have to make trip after trip and it would waste time and wear them out. Bifold doors just make sense for a restaurant and they make sense for you as well. You can get the outside air into your home and enjoy the easy transition to the patio with the food.  

Entertain More Guests With Ease 

Restaurants are places that people gather and if you want that for your home as well, bifold doors can help give you the ambiance you want. You are able to move freely in and out with drinks and many guests can be in the doorway at the same time without feeling cramped. They feel like they’re in a welcoming spot that wants them to be inside and out at the same time. You don’t have to worry about anyone feeling closed in, even if they are inside.  

Get The Options You Need 

Bifold doors simply give your home more options. You can have the doors open when the weather is nice and when you have a lot of guests over. But you can also close them up when there’s a chill or when it gets rainy. The doors still give you great views, even if you don’t want to be outside at that moment.  

Where do you go to get great Solana Beach, CA bifold doors? The Pelletier Company, of course. We have all of the options you need, and you can get details when you call us at (858) 271-1750. We’ll answer your questions or get you started with a free consultation. There are no obligations until you make a final choice and decide to move forward. You can also stop by our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 and start taking a look at different bifold doors and imagining what they would look like on your home. It never hurts to dream, and we enjoy brainstorming with you and looking at different options. We’re professionals and we can give you advice based on our experience if you ever get stuck on anything. But in the end, your choices are your own. We’re here to help! 

The Services You Need with Bifold Patio Doors

The doors and windows in your Del Mar, CA home play a huge role in the makeup of your house. They allow for ventilation, functionality, and even aesthetics. When things aren’t quite right, everyone will be able to tell. If you’re ready to make some changes, you might look at functionality first, then aesthetics. You can get all that and some extra ventilation by switching regular patio doors to bifold patio doors. It’s an easy enough decision to make. But what types of services will you need with the bifold patio doors you choose? Here are just a few to consider.


Included Installation

When you buy bifold patio doors, you should get the installation of those doors included. Even if you are handy around the house, working with something this important can be very hard to do correctly. You need experts who know just what they are doing. It’s best to buy the bifold patio doors from a company that specializes in these types of doors so you can ensure that they know just how to install them.


Door Delivery

Do you want to try to get a large bifold patio door in the back of your vehicle? Of course not! Purchasing bifold patio doors should come with a stress-free delivery system that is on time. These types of doors require special attention and they have to be handled carefully and safely. Let the professionals do it for you so you can ensure it’s done correctly. This service is one you will definitely want.



Bifold patio doors are a big investment and can make a huge difference in your home. When you purchase something that can become a large part of the house, you need to make sure they are backed up with warranties. Most bifold patio doors will come with warranties, but you need to understand what is covered, what is excluded, and what can be transferred and so on.


Post-Sale Support

When you do business with a company that includes purchasing bifold patio doors, the last thing you want is for that business to disappear off your radar once your installation is complete. What if something goes wrong? What if you need help or have questions? Post-sale support is an important part of the services you will want with bifold patio doors in Del Mar, CA.


Sure you want all of these services when you look into bifold patio doors, but how do you ensure that you’ll get them? Simple! Call The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750 for a free consultation. You’ll soon recognize that this company is made up of men and women who simply want to help you. For more details, you can check bifold patio doors Del Mar, CA. They make it their mission to give you the attention and details you want and need to make the experience as pleasant and simple as possible. Stop by and see our representatives today at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 where we can prove ourselves to you.

Want Bifold Doors? Call The Pelletier Company

When you are thinking about making a big change in your home, you might be nervous about how things are going to turn out. Perhaps you want to take a wall of windows and transform the space into bifold doors instead. Maybe you want old sliding glass doors to be removed so you can install bifold doors. When you are taking a big chunk of your home out and adding something new, there are plenty of nerves involved with the situation. Who do you want to do the job? Who can you trust? That’s the easiest answer! The Pelletier Company! Here are a few things you need to know about us to feel like you can entrust your San Diego, CA home to us.


Do business with people, not a company


When you work with The Pelletier Company, you aren’t doing business with a company, but rather the people within the company that represent its interests. Those who work with The Pelletier Company understand that there would be no company to represent without customers. That’s why we make it our personal mission to create a relationship with you. Not just a business relationship, but one that goes beyond the bottom line and into personal care when it comes to the services you desire. We truly treat every home as if we’re working on our own home. You’re doing business with individuals who care about what they do, not a company trying to make money. And that’s a big part of why your bifold doors will turn out fabulously.


Get the quality you deserve at a fair price


There are plenty of companies out there that do things the wrong way. Some will offer sub-par products at a higher price to make more money. Others will offer high-quality products, but lack installation workmanship. The list of bummers goes on and on. When you contact The Pelletier Company, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We are committed to bringing you the best products with the highest qualities on the market. That means you get the value you need and the comfort knowing we have you covered. Plus we have the best installers in the region as well so there are no worried there either.


You may have heard someone say that there are no guarantees in life, but when you work with The Pelletier Company, that’s just not true. You get the strongest warranties in the industry. You get quality bifold doors from which to choose. You get confidence on every level for your purchase.


Are you ready to transform your home with bifold doors? Call The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750 for a consultation with real people who really care. For more details, you can check bifold doors San Diego, CA. You’re welcome to stop by and see some samples as well in our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We’re here to go over benefits so you can understand the qualities you get every step of the way.

The Most Popular Reasons for Installing Bi-fold Doors

Living in San Diego, CA means there are plenty of things you can do to your home to make it more user-friendly. If you live in an older home, you probably see something you want to update or upgrade around every corner. And as the homeowner, you get to pick and choose which projects you will take on and what you will put off for another time. If you have been annoyed by your back doors for quite some time, you might feel ready for a change. Bi-fold doors are a great consideration and homeowners in the area are trying them out now more than ever before. Here are a few of the most popular reasons that people choose bi-fold doors for their San Diego, CA home.

Reason 1: Bi-fold Doors Allow for More Natural Light

There aren’t many homes that get too much natural light. Natural light can work wonders for any home. First, we simply love sunlight. Second, we don’t have to use overhead, artificial lighting during the day when we have natural light coming into the house. Third, natural sunlight makes us feel good. Fourth, natural light makes even a small space look larger. The benefits go on and on for natural lighting.

Reason 2: Bi-fold Doors Work Well in Compact Areas

French doors are undoubtedly beautiful, but they have to swing either in or out, which can cause issues either way. If you have a door that swings in, you have to keep the path clean so you can open the door. If it swings out, it might be in the way of the deck, patio, or garden. Neither is ideal, but bi-fold doors don’t work that way. They fold up and out of the way, and are easy to use on either side of the threshold. This is great for saving space and giving you easier access.

Reason 3: Bi-Fold Doors Leave Larger Paths

Whether you have a sliding glass door or a regular opening patio door, it only opens so far. That can be tricky if you have lots of guests over who want to go in and out or if you’re carrying a lot of items to the patio or back inside. Bi-fold doors fold out of the way, leaving you a much wider space to go in and out. You expand your living space to the outdoors with ease.

Reason 4: Bi-fold Doors Give Views

If you have a lovely view outside your home, you can make the most of it with the uninterrupted glass in bi-fold patio doors. They allow you the biggest view out of any doors you can have on your house.

If you’ve decided to look into bi-fold patio doors, contact The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750 to check out the options. We can take measurements of your space and let you know what we advise for new doors. For more details, you can check bifold doors San Diego, CA. Stop by and see us at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131.

The Highlights of Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular way for homeowners in San Diego, CA to maximize the lighting and natural sun in their homes. It also makes a space look bigger because of the wide expanse of glass. Plus if there’s a beautiful view outside, it’s hard to compare anything to bi-fold doors. In smaller homes, bi-fold doors make the space look larger as it continues out the backside of the house. These doors are appealing, but if you are considering them for your San Diego, CA home, there are things to think through before making final decisions.

Material Options

One of the earliest decisions you will have to make revolves around the material your bi-fold doors will be made of. They are usually aluminum, timber, or a combination of the two. Aluminum is lighter, offers a superior thermal efficiency and lower maintenance.

Color Choices

You will also want to think about the colors your bi-fold doors will be. Right now a contemporary gray color is the most popular choice, but white and black are also simple to blend into home colors. You can get bi-fold doors in many different colors, depending on how much you want to pay for customization. In the end, the decision on color is up to you and what suits your home.

Number of Leaves

Bi-fold doors can have multiple leaves and if there is an odd number, you can open just the first leaf like a regular door. That is nice when you just want to let the dog out or pop out to water some plants. On the other hand, even numbers of leaves will operate in pairs. Opening one leaf will result in opening a second at the same time. The number of leaves is an important decision because it will determine how much framework you have versus how much glass space you have.

Glass Options

Because bi-fold doors let in so much light, some homeowners worry that it will be too much. There are ways to combat this, such as blinds, but you can also consider coatings on the glass, like low-e coatings. These options let natural lighting in, but keep UV rays out so your flooring and furniture won’t suffer from damaging light.

Get the Options Lined Up

Bi-fold doors can be a great addition to a home, but you will need to think through the variations and options with care. Contact The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750 for a free consultation. We can come to your home and take a look at the area you are considering for bi-fold doors and give you our expert advice and opinion. You can also take a look at door samples in our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We treat every customer like a member of our own family. We want what’s best for you and your home! That’s why our products are top of the line and we always work within your budget.

For more details, you can check bifold doors San Diego, CA

Bifold Patio Doors Vs Regular Patio Doors

If you are looking to make a change in the way you can enter and exit your home to the patio, it’s a good time to take a look at all of the options. Carlsbad, CA often has very nice weather, after all. You want to take advantage of as much of that fresh air as you can. Outdoor living space has become a big thing and if you want ease of use, the doors you install will be very important. Many people automatically go with regular patio doors like sliding glass doors or French doors, but bifold patio doors are becoming more popular. Here are a few reasons why bifold patio doors excel over the regular options.

Reason 1: Ventilation

When it comes to bringing the fresh air into your home, there’s nothing better than bifold patio doors that can completely open the space. Regular sliding patio doors only open about half as much. That makes the fresh air limited, but bifold doors give you a much wider space that opens up.

Reason 2: Functionality During Entertaining

If you enjoy having your family and friends over, there might be people moving in and out of the house, back and forth between the outdoor living area and the kitchen, for example. If you are bringing out trays of food, it’s simply easier to have a wider space available so you don’t have to jimmy your way through a half-closed patio door. IT’s also easier for more people to move from one side to the other at the same time without bumping into one another. Your outdoor living space becomes a seamless part of your home during those entertaining times.

Reason 3: Wider Views

If you have a lovely view past your patio, there’s nothing better than being able to see it. Regular patio doors will break out that view with their frames, but bifold patio doors can completely get out of the way and allow you to enjoy the view to no end. There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful view while you breathe in the fresh air your bifold patio doors allow in.

Reason 4: More Natural Light

The less framework there is on a door, the more light you can let in. Patio doors that slide have two doors, both of which have frames. Even when you open them, the natural light they let in remains about the same. Bifold patio doors, on the other hand, have less framework and let in more light. Then, when they are open, there’s no framework at all hindering the light from coming into your home.

Are you ready to take these reasons on and bring them into your home? The Pelletier Company has a number of exciting bifold patio doors, one of which should be just the right fit for your home.  For more details, you can check Carlsbad, CA bifold patio doors. Give us a call at (858) 271-1750 or stop by 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 to get started in finding the best option.

Get Inspired by Folding Glass Doors

So you want to do something different in your Pacific Beach, CA home. What do you want to change? It’s easy enough to slap a coat of paint on the walls and that can make a big difference in how the room looks. But there are even bigger things you can do to change things up and really make an impact on the space. Consider folding glass doors, for example. Perhaps you have French doors or sliding glass doors that go out to your patio now and you’re ready for a change. Folding glass doors are a great option. They can increase the functionality of the outdoor living space, bring more light into your home, and give you the versatility you want. So where do you find inspiration for folding glass doors? Here are a few ideas.

Check Out Home Improvement Magazines

There are tons of magazines out there so the next time you’re at your local home improvement store, take a few extra minutes and look through the features homes within them. Some may even show prevalent pictures of folding glass doors to give you an idea of what it would look like in your home.

Peruse the Internet

If you want a faster way to find pictures for inspiration, do a couple of searches online for homes that feature folding glass doors. You can read reviews about specific doors or just see how they look in homes that might be similar to yours. That can inspire you as to what you like and what you want to avoid.

Visit Showrooms

There are also companies (like ours!) that have showrooms that showcase folding glass doors and other products. One of the best ways to get a feel for how folding glass doors operate is to see and experiment with them in person. You can figure out if they are a good fit for your home by feeling them with your own hands, seeing how they open and close, and getting an idea how they work all the way around.

Experiment with Options

When you visit with The Pelletier Company about folding glass doors, there will also be a number of options to consider. You can look into glass options, like tinting, low-E coatings, and more. You can also go over hardware choices to make the folding glass doors really stand out or fit in. Looking at these options helps you figure out what will be just right in your home.

There are plenty of ways to gather inspiration for the folding glass doors you are considering for your home. When you are ready to move forward, or if you have questions about the possible project, contact the professionals at The Pelletier Company. Give us a call for a free consultation at (858) 271-1750 and we’ll answer all of your questions right away. For more details, you can check Pacific Beach, CA folding glass doors. You can also stop by and see the options at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We’re happy to show you around!

Should You Buy Bifold Doors from The Pelletier Company?

When you are looking for doors and windows for a home or business, there are plenty of companies out there that can provide them for you. It is up to you to choose the company that best fits your needs. When you work with The Pelletier Company to get bifold doors for homes or buildings in San Diego, CA, you get nothing less than the best. Our company has been at it for decades and we know just what fits into certain areas in homes and businesses. Should you work with us? Absolutely! Here are a few reasons why.

The Best Installation Imaginable

When you are looking at bifold doors, you want something functional and aesthetically pleasing, but you also need something that is installed correctly. Otherwise, the functions and aesthetics can suffer. With so much at stake within the investment, you need nothing short of a great installer. Our company has had the same insured, experiences, and licensed installers for over 15 years. The professionals are consistent and get high customer ratings every time. All products and materials we use have a minimum of one year’s warranty on labor because we believe in what our installers can do.

Convenient Jobsite Delivery

When you purchase something large, like bifold doors, you might wonder how you are going to get the item to your home. With our company, you don’t have those worries. We want the purchase to be stress-free so we will deliver it to you. Bifold doors take special attention and we want the delivery to arrive on time in order to get the installation taken care of as quickly as possible.

Attention to Warranty

Making an investment in your home is always a big deal. When it comes to bifold doors, any number of things can go wrong over the years. That’s why we want you to be comfortable in your knowledge of the products as well as the warranties that go with them. Not every warranty is the same and we will carefully review each with you to ensure you know what you’re getting. We’ll help you figure out what is covered, what might be excluded, and whether there are exceptions. We’ll also go over how long the warranty lasts and whether or not it is transferable to future owners.

The Pelletier Company is definitely the company to work with on purchasing and installing bifold doors. Don’t worry, we don’t just sell you the doors and disappear. We don’t even just install them and then disappear. We stick around with plenty of post-sale support options should you need them. Customer service is the lifeline of our business and we want a long-term relationship with you. If you have any questions about the product in the future, you’re more than welcome to contact us. For more details, you can check bifold doors San Diego, CA. If you’re ready for bifold doors now, call (858) 271-1750 and let’s go over the options. Or visit us at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131.

Why Might You Need Post-Sale Support?

Have you ever purchased something in Del Mar, CA only to get home and realize you have no idea what to do with it? Perhaps it’s something you need to put together and there are so many parts you don’t even know where to start. Maybe the product is already put together, but you still don’t know what to do with it. Or perhaps you have something you don’t know how to maintain. Whatever the instance, it would be nice to have some support after the sale, wouldn’t it?

Today, so many companies will sell you items and then disappear. They can’t make more money off you at this time so they don’t invest any time into you. They are simply done with customer service! Well, that’s not at all what you’ll get when you work with The Pelletier Company. We’re a great source for bifold doors and we promise, we aren’t going anywhere! We’ll help you with the initial purchase, the installation, and anything you need after that. Here are a few reasons you might want post-sale support on your bifold patio doors.

Maintenance Questions

When you are having bifold patio doors installed, it’s an exciting time. You might be excited to see how they look and feel in your home and once they are installed, that excitement takes over and you forget to ask important maintenance questions. Our installers will automatically go over some things with you, but if you need to know more, or you’ve forgotten what they said, give us a call and we’ll fill you in.

Warranty Issues

All of our bifold patio doors come with warranties of some kind or another, but they’re not all the same. Warranties can be hard to understand, but you will want to know what they include in case you ever need to use them. Again, you can certainly ask us these questions in advance, but if you forget or need to know more, post-sale support is here to answer any concerns you have.

Resolve Issues

We rarely have any issues with our installations, but we can’t rule them out. IF you have any problems with your bifold patio doors, we want to give you peace of mind as fast as possible. Let us know what’s going on and our post-sale support team will take care of you. We’re here to help you long after the sale has gone through and the installation has been completed.

The Pelletier Company is here for the entire process from start and well beyond the finish. You can trust our customer service team as you look into bifold patio doors, during the installation process, and well into the future. We won’t drop you at any time! Give us a call at (858) 271-1750 and see how we treat customers for yourself. For more details, you can check bifold patio doors Del Mar, CA. You can also stop by and start dreaming up the perfect bifold patio doors for yourself in our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131.