Understanding Bifold Doors

When you run a business, you know attractive and functional doors are important. If you get bifold doors in San Diego, CA, you may very well be happy with them. Before you make the ultimate choice, it’s important to understand how they work. Here are details to help you understand bifold doors so you know just what you’re getting.

bifold doors in San Diego, CA

Bifold doors are those that collapse in the center and fold to one side. Some businesses have bifold doors at the front of the store so they can open them all the way on a nice day and allow guests to come in and out as they please. Others even have automatic bifold doors to help guests get in and out of their location at will. There are also businesses that welcome a lot of guests and perhaps even host parties. For those businesses, having the option to fold the doors away can be really helpful. It opens the space up and allows easy access from outside to inside.

Bifold doors are a great addition to a business that has door sizes that aren’t standard. You don’t need much room on the side to install the doors and they work in most any opening. You don’t have to modify the building or structure in most cases and you can usually retrofit the doors into unusual sizes. You can have bifold doors made in any size to custom fit the opening you have to fill. This makes fitting the awkward opening you have easy to do.

Not every door will run seamlessly without maintenance. Bifold doors should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, but they don’t need much attention. As long as you use them correctly and have a proper installation in the first place, they will last your business for a long time. If they are getting opened and closed a lot, you might want to lubricate the track so it continued to run smoothly.

Some businessowners might be concerned about bifold door options because anything with more windows is going to be less energy efficient, right? But bifold doors are the height of energy efficiency. When you keep them closed, you can expect lower energy bills within your business. Not only does the glass insulate your business, but you can add things like low-E coatings to keep UV rays and the heat of the sun out. You also won’t have to worry about fading any longer.

If you’re ready to make the leap and install San Diego, CA bifold doors, contact the professionals at The Pelletier Company by calling (858) 271-1750. We can go over all of the options with you and come to your business for a free consultation and to take measurements so we can discuss details and suggestions we might have based on your situation. When you want to see bifold doors in person, come visit our showroom. We’re located at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131 and we’re available to show you around and point out differences among various doors.

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