bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA Bifolding Doors To Replace Sliding Glass Doors- If you have sliding glass doors that take you from inside your house out onto the deck or patio, they might work fine for now. But when the doors start to get old and leak air, you may want to replace them. When that time comes, you can get another set of sliding glass doors, […]
bifold doors in Del Mar, CA Bifold Doors And Your Business- There are lots of things you might do to improve your business over the years. You hire people you trust to help you. You try to increase productivity and improve on the overall workflow. But what about the office space? It’s possible that bifold doors in Del Mar, CA might be a good fit for […]
bifolding doors in La Jolla, CA Energy Efficiency—Do Bifolding Doors Have It?- Most homeowners want to find ways to make their homes more energy-efficient, not less. So even if you want bi-folding doors in La Jolla, CA, you might rule them out because regular walls are more efficient than glass, right? Things don’t always work the way you think and bi-folding doors are actually highly efficient today. […]
bifold doors in La Jolla, CA Is Your Home Asking For Bifold Doors?- Okay, so your home doesn’t actually speak out loud to you, but it can say things in other ways by showing you the features it’s capable of holding onto and what changes it might need. If you have ideas for your home, perhaps you might want to consider bifold doors in La Jolla, CA because […]
bifolding doors in San Diego, CA Get Energy Efficiency In Bifolding Doors- When you start thinking about changes you can make to your home, perhaps bifolding doors in San Diego, CA come to mind. But you worry about the hot sunlight streaming in, the energy efficiency, the humidity, and more. Yes, there are bifolding doors that are low in quality or that have been poorly installed that […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Bifold Doors Over Patio Doors- There are advantages to any type of door you want to put between your home and the patio. However, if you are looking between regular sliding patio doors and bifold doors in San Diego, CA, it might become obvious that bifold doors are the right choice for your home. Here are some of the benefits […]
bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA Expert Advice On Bifolding Doors- If you’d like to have more information on bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA because you are considering them for your house, there are plenty of places to go for information. You could ask someone you know who has them. You can get details on line. Or, you can talk to experts about the options. […]
bifold doors in Del Mar, CA The Space Saving Properties Of Bifold Doors- In many homes, there are space issues. Whether you have too much furniture, too many things around it, or too many people in the house, space is at a premium. If you’ve run into space issues of some kind, you can do a few things about it. One would be having your children move out. […]
bifolding doors in La Jolla, CA The Uniqueness In Bifolding Doors- There are many things that make your home unique and perhaps you feel like it blends in more than it stands out. If that’s the case, even if you get bifolding doors in La Jolla, CA, will that make it unique among other houses like it? One of the great things about these doors is […]
bifold doors in La Jolla, CA Bifold Doors: Considerations To Keep In Mind- You never want to make a big change to your house without considering everything it will impact, both right away and in the future. IF you are thinking about installing bifold doors in La Jolla, CA, that’s a huge leap. You want to make sure the results will be everything you want them to be […]
bifolding doors in San Diego, CA The Brightest Idea: Bifolding Doors- Sometimes, you have ideas that seem great at the time, but just don’t pan out later. Other times, you have wonderful ideas that really are good to the end. If one idea in your mind right now is to get bifolding doors in San Diego, CA, it could be one of the brightest ideas you’ve […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Do You Have The House For Bifold Doors?- Even if you want bifold doors in San Diego, CA more than anything, if you don’t have a good place for them, that desire is going to go wasted. Before you sink yourself into thinking that you can’t get what you want because you don’t have a good place for it, examine your home and see […]
bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA The Difference In Value From Bifolding Doors- It’s easy enough to guess that when you get bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA, there are going to be a lot of changes in your house. The biggest change you will likely notice is how things look. Suddenly, you can see the view outside of your hone with ease and you have tons of […]
bifold doors in Del Mar, CA What Can Bifold Doors Change In A Home?- There are lots of things to consider if you think you might want to add bifold doors in Del Mar, CA to your home. One thing to think about is the items they would change on your house if you were to take the leap and make the shift. Here are a few such things […]
bifolding doors in La Jolla, CA Are You A Bifolding Doors Fan?- You might be a fan of lots of different things and you know it. You always root for a certain sporting team. You always go see movies with a certain actor in it. And you have to buy any shirt you see in that color that pops against your skin. But are you also a […]
bifold doors in La Jolla, CA Ways To Level Up Your Home With New Windows- When your home has old, worn out windows and doors, it’s a good idea to start looking into replacements. But who wants to take out old doors and windows and just put in the same thing? It’s a great opportunity to make some changes that would really light up your home, raise its value, and […]
bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA Bifolding Doors Are A Great Option For Home Value- Whenever you maintain your home, you are doing so for several reasons, one of which is to keep the value of the home at a steady level. When you make home improvements, you also probably have several reasons behind them. You might want to make certain functional changes, for example, but you likely also want […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Options Bifold Doors Give To A Home- It’s nice to have your home set up just the way you want it, but in any home, it’s also nice to have options. You might want to use your house in different ways at various times and when you put the right elements into place, you can do just that. If you think about […]
bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA Are Bifolding Doors The Answer?- There are plenty of different answers to problems in your home. Sometimes, as the homeowner, you have to decide what solution to use. What do you have the budget for? What would work best to meet your end goals? There are plenty of variations to consider. There are also many different home issues that could […]
bifold doors in Del Mar, CA Window Replacement Options Including Bifold Doors- If you are looking into new windows for your home, it’s a good time to make any changes you want to the configuration of your windows. Some homeowners take out the old windows and put in similar models, only newer. Others want to make the most of the project and do things that are a […]
La Jolla, CA folding glass doors An Outdoor Kitchen Or Bifolding Doors?- If you want to have an out-of-this world outdoor living space, you have options to consider. There are a lot of things to keep in mind as well. You have a budget, after all, and you may not be able to afford every little detail you want. The two main choices are to form a […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Adding Value And Enhancing Lifestyle- There are lots of great ways to upgrade your home to make it look more unique, act more efficiently, and feel more modern. Many homeowners will replace their flooring, paint some rooms, and perhaps even get new windows. But when you get bifolding doors in San Diego, CA, you create a whole new living space […]
La Jolla, CA Folding Glass Doors Things Guests Will Remember About Your Home- When people come to visit your home, what do they say about it when they leave? What will they remember? There may be parts of your home you want to stand out to them and other parts you’d rather they ignore. If you have bifold doors in La Jolla, CA, that’s something no one can […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Does Expert Bifold Door Installation Matter?- You know the quality of the bifold doors in San Diego, CA you get for your home matters, but do you really need to pay the extra labor charges and have professionals install them? In a word, yes. But why is that? A savvy homeowner will want to understand the details behind the installation so […]
folding glass doors in La Jolla, CA Can Bifolding Doors Increase Home Value?- Whenever you go about making improvements to your home, whether it’s maintenance, repairs, or bigger changes, you want that change to increase the value of your home too, right? It’s nice to know that there’s a purpose behind even the little things you do. Well maintained homes are worth more—it’s a fact! And there are […]
LaJolla, CA bifolding doors Do Bifold Doors Meet Your Goals?- Whenever you take on a house project, you probably have goals for that project and the end result needs to meet those goals. Perhaps you want one room to be brighter so you paint it a light yellow. That certainly brightens the room and makes it look more welcoming. There could be some goals you […]
folding glass doors in La Jolla, CA Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space With Bifolding Doors- One of the most popular home projects to take on today is to create an outdoor living space on the back of the home. Some people even create an entire outdoor kitchen. These spaces are great for entertaining, hanging out with the family, relaxing, and even for resale value in the future. The problem is, […]
La Jolla, CA Folding Glass Doors Saving Space With Bifold Doors- Whether you have a small home or a large home that you use to entertain a lot of people, space is often at a premium. It’s important not to do anything to your home that will take up more space and impede on your family, entertaining, and other things. If you need to put in […]
bifolding doors in San Diego, CA What Will Experts Tell You About Bifolding Doors?- There are plenty of ways to find out information about bifolding doors in San Diego, CA if you are considering getting them for your home. You could talk to someone you know who has them. You could look online and read up on details. Or, you could talk to experts to get more information on […]
bifold doors in Del Mar, CA Bifold Doors Or Regular Patio Doors?- There are plenty of reasons to want the right doors on the back of your home so you can access your patio. And if you are ready for something new and different, there are also plenty of options. You could go with something regular and standard for the patio door, like French doors or sliding […]
bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA Are Bifolding Doors What You Really Want?- Putting new elements into your home in the form of home improvement projects can be really fun—when they work out just how you’d hoped. It’s nice when the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures lead to a stunning reaction. But before you spend money on something big like bifolding doors in Del Mar, CA, you really want […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Energy Efficient Bifold Door Options- If you consider bifold doors in San Diego, CA as an option for your home, you know you’re going to get more natural light. But what about the sun? Won’t it be hot? Won’t a lot more humid air get through to your house? Won’t there be leaks? Sure, there are bifold doors that have […]
San Diego, CA bifold doors People Who Appreciate Bifold Doors The Most- There are some people who appreciate fashion and others who couldn’t care less. There are people who appreciate interior design and others who are happy as long as they have a comfortable couch. If you need new patio doors, you might appreciate San Diego, CA bifold doors more than others if any of the following […]
San Diego, CA bifolding doors It Might Be Time For Bifolding Doors- What’s your house missing? There could be something little like an extra sink in the guest bathroom or something larger like San Diego, CA bifolding doors. How do you judge which home improvement project is most worth your time? It might be time for bifolding doors if you find some of the following items to […]
LaJolla, CA bifold doors How Can Bifold Doors Increase Home Value?- As your home ages, you want to maintain it as the biggest investment you’ll probably ever make. Someday, if you sell the house, you want to get the most out of it you can. As you take on home improvement projects over the years, you’ll want to choose things that enhance your lifestyle and improve […]
LaJolla, CA bifolding doors How Large Should Your Bifolding Doors Be?- IF your patio doors are worn out and you’ve decided that LaJolla, CA bifolding doors would be a good fit, how big should the doors be? That depends on a lot of different things and you will want to take them all into account before you make a final decision. Here are some things to […]
Del Mar, CA BiFold Doors Sliding Patio Doors Or Bifold Doors?- Most homes have some sort of back door and it often leads out to a patio of some kind. If you have a nice outdoor living space and you’d like to have better access to it, you might consider a different kind of patio door. There are sliding options, French doors, regular doors, and even […]
San Diego, CA BiFold Doors Do You Need Bifold Doors On Your Patio?- Basic patio doors serve their purpose, but with new technology in every industry, including the patio door industry, other products are taking over the market with better functions and higher levels of popularity. If you want something new and fresh, San Diego, CA BiFold Doors might be a good fit for your home. When you […]
La Jolla, CA Folding Glass Doors Are Folding Glass Doors Good Ideas?- Most people have seen (or have even had) bifold doors on closets, but have you ever seen them on a patio? Is that a good idea? La Jolla, CA Folding Glass Doors used to be seen as high-cost and luxurious in the past. While they are still more expensive than some options, they are more […]
Rancho Santa Fe, CA Multi-Slide Doors Utilizing Multi Slide Doors To Their Fullest- Patio doors don’t last forever and when yours have seen better days, it might be time to change them out. Instead of getting the same thing you had before, only newer, you might consider upgrading to Rancho Santa Fe, CA Multi-Slide Doors. These doors give you a number of opportunities you didn’t have before. And […]
Del Mar, CA multi slide doors Are Multi Slide Doors Going To Fit Into Your Life?- Patio doors aren’t something you think about on a regular basis. Perhaps the doors you have are the ones the home had when you first moved in or maybe you installed something years ago and haven’t thought about it since. However, if you are into home renovations, it’s worth your time and effort to at […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Understanding Bifold Doors- When you run a business, you know attractive and functional doors are important. If you get bifold doors in San Diego, CA, you may very well be happy with them. Before you make the ultimate choice, it’s important to understand how they work. Here are details to help you understand bifold doors so you know […]
folding glass doors in La Jolla, CA Folding Glass Door Systems For The Home- If you have a spectacular view or a to-die-for outdoor living space, you want to make the most of it. Sure, you can spend a lot of time outside, but what about those days that are too hot to be out or when you don’t have a lot of time? That’s when having folding glass […]
bifold doors on your Rancho Santa Fe, CA Installing Bifold Doors On Your Closets- There are many places you could install bifold doors on your Rancho Santa Fe, CA home, but the closets are one of the most popular places. Bifold doors bring a lot of benefits to the patio areas, but they are even more appreciated on closets. Here are just a few advantages you will see when […]
bifold doors in Coronado, CA BiFold Doors Are Energy Efficient- When you are looking to make your home more energy efficient, you may not consider putting in more windows, or something like bifold doors in Coronado, CA. Glass is the most vulnerable spot in any house, right? If you put in more windows, your energy efficiency will lower, correct? Things don’t exactly work that way. If you […]
multi slide doors in Pacific Beach, CA Homes That Are Begging For Multi Slide Doors- While your home might not get down on its knees and beg in the literal sense, some homes do really well with certain features. Your house, for example, might be calling out for multi slide doors in Pacific Beach, CA and you didn’t even know it. There are many styles of homes that do well with this […]
Folding glass doors in San Diego, CA? Adding Folding Glass Doors To Your Business- As a business owner, you’re always looking for a way to improve your productivity and workflow. When you own the office space as well, you’re going to have to maintain it and you might also want to make changes over the years. Have you ever considered Folding glass doors in San Diego, CA? It might be time […]
Bifold doors in Solana Beach, CA Why Bifold Doors Define Awesome- Have you ever run across a feature in a home and been blown away? Perhaps the first time you saw a trashcan hid in a slide out drawer in the kitchen or the moment you noticed the tray ceiling in the living room. When something strikes you, it’s hard to forget. And many people have […]
Do You Want Bifold Doors Or French Doors?- Patio doors don’t last forever and when the time comes to replace the doors that have always been in that position, you have options. Of course, you could go with the same thing you already have, only newer. Or you could switch things up and get a different style that will enhance your house more. […]
Questions To Ask Yourself About Multi Slide Doors- Whether you’re renovating your house, building a new home, or just putting in new patio doors, you might want to consider what Rancho Santa Fe, CA multi slide doors have to offer. As you examine the options, ask yourself these questions and you might be able to tell whether or not these doors are a good fit […]
How Can Folding Glass Doors Take Over Sliding Glass Options?- If you have sliding glass doors on the back of your house, you might be happy with them in general. But eventually, they will start to fail, and you will need to replace them. When that time comes, should you get another sliding glass door, or should you move on to something different? Folding Glass Doors […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Reasons To Consider Bifold Doors- If you want access to your patio and you’re not quite sure your current doors are doing the trick, you might want to think about bifold doors in San Diego, CA. Are they the right fit for you? Should you consider them above other options? Here are a few reasons why you will at least want to […]
A Closer Look At BiFold Doors- Homeowners are opting for patio doors that allow them more natural light inside and more options in versatility. Bifold doors in Coronado, CA can help homeowners find the solutions they are excited about. Their outdoor living space can be connected to their interior in a seamless manner when the doors are open and when they are closed, […]
multi slide doors in Pacific Beach, CA Customizing Multi Slide Doors- There are standards with anything you can put on your home, but there are also distinct advantages to customizing certain items. Instead of getting something you almost want, you can get exactly what you want. If you are looking into multi slide doors in Pacific Beach, CA, getting customized options is often in your best interest. Here […]
San Diego, CA bifold doors Folding Glass Doors And Patio Doors: A Comparison- When you live in California, your patio is important to you. On those nice days—and there are plenty in this region of the country—all you want to do is be outside. Sometimes, you can’t be out, but you can feel like you are if you have the right doors connecting your home to your outdoor living […]
Patio Door Design Trends- Outdoor living is a huge trend right now, especially in warm locations where you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. Homeowners are transforming patios and decks into spaces that extend their home. With the variety of patio doors, it’s easy to expand the interior living space outside. But what patio doors work best? Bifold doors in Solana Beach, […]
Del Mar, CA bifold doors Making The Most Of Your View- When you live in California, there are beautiful views almost everywhere you look. If you are lucky enough to have one right outside your home, you want to make the most of it. There are plenty of things you can do to enhance the view that surrounds your house. Del Mar, CA bifold doors are one […]
Rancho Santa Fe, CA multi slide doors How Are Multi Slide Doors Different?- There are many things you want for your home. You want it to be safe, first and foremost, and you want it to be comfortable. You also want it to be stylish, but you want it to be different and unique as well. There are plenty of ways you could go about accomplishing those things […]
La Jolla, CA folding glass doors You Might Like Folding Glass Doors- How do you like the doors on your house? Chances are you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them at all. But if you do stand back and take a good look at them, there might be things you would like to change about them. What would you do differently? One option is […]
San Diego, CA bifold doors Problems Bifold Doors Can Solve- Every home has its problems and while you may not be able to fix them all, you want your home to be as nice and comfortable as possible. While the doors on your home help you get in and out, they also serve a lot of other purposes. There are some problems that your home may […]
Del Mar, CA Bi Fold Doors Bi Fold Doors Are The Answer- Every home has its own issues. In older homes, things need to be replaced. Newer homes may not be set up exactly how you want for your family. And the lists go on and on. But there are certain issues within a home that can lead to using Del Mar, CA Bi Fold Doors as a solution. If […]
multi slide doors in Rancho Santa Fe, CA Configurations on Multi Slide Doors- Everyone has seen sliding glass doors on a home. They often open the home up to the patio. They’re very useful and can let in a lot of light as well as open the home to the outdoor living space. However, the amount of space they have as an opening is rather limiting and they […]
folding glass doors in La Jolla, CA Advantages Of More Glass In Folding Glass Doors- What do you think of the amount of glass your home has on it today? There are plenty of reasons why you might want more glass. You can’t always find room for more windows, but what about folding glass doors in La Jolla, CA? These doors are available to any home with the right structure and space. […]
bifold doors in San Diego, CA Bifold Exterior Doors Are Useful On A Home- Most of the time, you see bifold doors in San Diego, CA on the interior portions of a home. You might see them on closets or on pantries and they are very useful. When they are closed, they look larger than average doors, giving you more space. When they are open, they fold out of the way, so […]
Rancho Santa Fe, CA bi-fold doors Making The Most Of Small Spaces With Bi-Fold Doors- It’s easy to feel cooped up in a small home, but in California, the weather is generally lovely and inviting. When you live in tight quarters, you might want to open things up, so you can make the most of the small amount of space you do have. Consider Rancho Santa Fe, CA bi-fold doors to brighten […]
San Diego, CA multi slide doors Solve Your Space Issues With Multi Slide Doors- There are plenty of homes that can benefit from extra space, but that’s true of some houses more than others. If you are considering how you can open up your house, put looking into San Diego, CA multi slide doors on your list. Here are a few instances in which these doors could really help.   Your French […]
Palm Desert, CA folding glass doors Envision Your Home With Folding Glass Doors- Your home is the place where you sleep and eat, but it’s also a sanctuary and a place you enjoy for a number of occasions and reasons. If you want to design your home with benefits and a unique look, you’ll start envisioning a variety of things. You might want to picture Palm Desert, CA folding […]
Carlsbad, CA Bi-fold doors Bi-Fold Door Basics- If you’ve never had bi-fold doors in your home, you’re not alone. Most homeowners haven’t. But Carlsbad, CA Bi-fold doors are becoming more popular, though there are misconceptions behind them that need to be cleared up. You need to make sure you know what bi-fold doors are if you are looking for the right doors for your […]
Coronado, CA bifold doors Bifold Doors Are Right For You If…- Have you admired Coronado, CA bifold doors on other homes? Have you seen them on TV shows, home improvement magazines, and other locations and sighed? What would they look like on your home? It sure would be nice to find out. But it’s a big leap to take and an investment as well. What if you don’t […]
Pacific Beach, CA multi-slide doors Popular Patio Door Trends- Living in California has definite advantages, including the beautiful weather we experience for most of the year. You probably want to enjoy as much of that as possible and that’s partly why outdoor living spaces and patios have become so important in this region. In order to access the patio and outdoor areas, you have […]
San Diego, CA folding glass Folding Glass Door Basics-   If you don’t know what San Diego, CA folding glass doors are, don’t feel bad. There are plenty of people who have never heard of them. But isn’t the name intriguing? Wouldn’t you like to know more? There are misconceptions behind the name, but these doors are very functional and could very well be the right door […]
Solana Beach, CA bifold doors Make Your Home Feel Like A Restaurant With Bifold Doors- If you are looking to make changes in your home, there are plenty of thigs to consider. Perhaps you already feel like a short order cook when all of your kids want different things for lunch or dinner. But wouldn’t it be much nicer to feel like your home was a high-class restaurant? There are […]
Carlsbad, CA bifold patio doors Enable Outdoor Living With Bifold Patio Doors in Carlsbad, CA- Carlsbad, CA is the perfect place to enjoy an indoor/outdoor living style. Residents want their homes to melt seamlessly from inside into that gorgeous patio, garden, or landscaped backyard. While there are a number of doors in all shapes and sizes that can help with those goals, bifold patio doors in Carlsbad, CA often come out at […]
Del Mar, CA bifold patio doors Bifold Patio Doors and Others for Outdoor Living in Del Mar, CA- Spending as much time outside as possible is part of life in California. Who wouldn’t want to be outside when the temperatures are so lovely? Part of the home designs in the area include Del Mar, CA bifold patio doors and other options that make the flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces as seamless as possible. […]
folding glass doors in Pacific Beach, CA 5 Hot Doors in Pacific Beach, CA Including Folding Glass Doors- Outdoor living is all the rage these days and that’s especially true in a beautiful location. If you want to transform your patio into an extended living space, the door you choose to go between your home and the patio is very important. There are a number of hot options and what you pick will […]
bifold patio doors in San Diego, CA Choosing San Diego, CA Bifold Patio Doors in 5 Simple Steps- When you are planning some home improvement updates on your home, exterior doors aren’t the first thing on your mind, however, maybe they should be high up on the list. Exterior doors on your home give you protection and security form the elements. They can also add style and natural light and give you access […]
Advantages of Bifold Patio Doors for Families in Carlsbad, CA- Your family is the most important part of your home and any time you make a change, you keep them in mind. You want your Carlsbad, CA home to function well around your family’s needs and there are several ways you can do that any time you take on a new project. When you remodeled […]
Replacing Doors with Folding Glass Doors in Pacific Beach, CA- You’re ready to make a change in your Pacific Beach, CA home! That’s exciting! As a homeowner, it’s up to you to decide what changes you are going to make and when. If you’ve recognized that your patio door is old and worn out, or if you simply want different things for that area of […]
You’ll Enjoy Bifold Patio Doors in Del Mar, CA If These Are True- If you’ve ever remodeled a portion of your Del Mar, CA home, you know there are a lot of products to consider. Even if you know the style you want, you then have to choose colors and other options that go along with what you are picking. It’s no different when you are looking into […]
Getting More Natural Light into the Home- There’s nothing good about a Carlsbad, CA home that is too dark. The California sun is something that deserves to be seen, even inside a house! Having enough natural light can have benefits on your mood! It can make rooms look larger! It can even lower your energy bills! There are a number of reasons […]
Bifold Doors or Patio Doors for your San Diego, CA Home?- Having doors that go out to your patio, backyard, or outdoor living space can be very helpful. They aid in ventilating your home and they are convenient when you want to move from one space to another. You can also save space or open up your home, depending on the type of door you choose […]
What Kind of Folding Glass Doors do You Want?- So you’ve decided that you want to go with folding glass doors to make access to your patio easier. What a great choice! The decisions, however, have just begun. There are so many options on the market that it can be hard to weed through them all. Confusion is thick and you don’t want anyone […]
The Services You Need with Bifold Patio Doors- The doors and windows in your Del Mar, CA home play a huge role in the makeup of your house. They allow for ventilation, functionality, and even aesthetics. When things aren’t quite right, everyone will be able to tell. If you’re ready to make some changes, you might look at functionality first, then aesthetics. You […]
Want Bifold Doors? Call The Pelletier Company- When you are thinking about making a big change in your home, you might be nervous about how things are going to turn out. Perhaps you want to take a wall of windows and transform the space into bifold doors instead. Maybe you want old sliding glass doors to be removed so you can install […]
Are Folding Glass Doors Really Safe?- There are a lot of things you want for your home in Pacific Beach, CA. Of course you want it to look nice, but above all else, you want it to remain as safe as possible. You want to protect your family and your possessions against anything that could happen to them. So whenever you […]
The Most Popular Reasons for Installing Bi-fold Doors- Living in San Diego, CA means there are plenty of things you can do to your home to make it more user-friendly. If you live in an older home, you probably see something you want to update or upgrade around every corner. And as the homeowner, you get to pick and choose which projects you […]
Advice for Purchasing Bi-fold Patio Doors- Bi-fold patio doors have become more popular over the years because they can dramatically change the look and feel of a home. They allow extra light into any room that features them and can add value to a property at the same time. When you take the time to think about the process and execute […]
The Highlights of Bi-fold Doors- Bi-fold doors are a popular way for homeowners in San Diego, CA to maximize the lighting and natural sun in their homes. It also makes a space look bigger because of the wide expanse of glass. Plus if there’s a beautiful view outside, it’s hard to compare anything to bi-fold doors. In smaller homes, bi-fold […]
Bifold Patio Doors Vs Regular Patio Doors- If you are looking to make a change in the way you can enter and exit your home to the patio, it’s a good time to take a look at all of the options. Carlsbad, CA often has very nice weather, after all. You want to take advantage of as much of that fresh air […]
Get Inspired by Folding Glass Doors- So you want to do something different in your Pacific Beach, CA home. What do you want to change? It’s easy enough to slap a coat of paint on the walls and that can make a big difference in how the room looks. But there are even bigger things you can do to change things […]
Should You Buy Bifold Doors from The Pelletier Company?- When you are looking for doors and windows for a home or business, there are plenty of companies out there that can provide them for you. It is up to you to choose the company that best fits your needs. When you work with The Pelletier Company to get bifold doors for homes or buildings […]
Why Might You Need Post-Sale Support?- Have you ever purchased something in Del Mar, CA only to get home and realize you have no idea what to do with it? Perhaps it’s something you need to put together and there are so many parts you don’t even know where to start. Maybe the product is already put together, but you still […]
Glass Options on Bifold Patio Doors- When you have set your heart on going with bifold patio doors, you’re going to love how open and airy your Carlsbad, CA home will feel. But before you get to the point where you enjoy the installation after it’s all said and done, you have to make some important decisions. Sure, the material on […]
Threshold Options on Folding Glass Doors- If you are considering folding glass doors to connect your home to your outdoor living space, you won’t regret it. However, you want to think of all the details that go along with the doors. Most swinging entrance doors or French doors have a threshold that you have to step over. Folding glass doors, on […]
Consider Bifold Patio Doors for Additions- No one really looks forward to packing all of their stuff and moving it to a new location. It’s hard work! And finding the right house and fixing it up the way you like is a challenge as well. Many homeowners decide to forgo the process entirely and simply add on to their existing house […]
Install Bifold Doors Before Spring- If you have been thinking about bifold doors for your San Diego, CA home, there’s no better time to install them than right now. Sure, it’s winter and a bit colder than normal in the region, but when spring hits, you’ll be ready to roll with all of the benefits bifold doors have! You don’t […]
Adding Value to your Carlsbad Home- Owning a home is often a matter of pride. You want your home to look its best, but you also want it to be functional for your family. In order to keep your property value even, or even place it on a higher level, it is important to maintain the home a certain way. You […]
Maintain the Parts to Enjoy the Whole- Many home products are a sum of their parts. If one part goes awry, the whole system will start to fail. For example, think about your windows. If the glass is cracked, the whole window seems like it’s broken. If a seal breaks, the window isn’t energy efficient any longer even if it looks okay. […]
The Inner Workings of Bifold Patio Doors- If you fell in love with the idea of bifold patio doors, you aren’t alone! They’re a great addition to any Del Mar, CA home, Not only do they give you uninterrupted views, but they connect the inside of your home to your outdoor living space with ease. Once you have bifold patio doors installed, […]
Ways Bifold Doors Increase Versatility and Options- If you have a lot of wants for your outdoor living space, one of the best things you can do is put bifold doors in place. Whether you have a normal entry door that leads to the back, French doors, or sliding glass doors, bifold doors can give you even more options. Living in San […]