Advice for Purchasing Bi-fold Patio Doors

Bi-fold patio doors have become more popular over the years because they can dramatically change the look and feel of a home. They allow extra light into any room that features them and can add value to a property at the same time. When you take the time to think about the process and execute the doorway properly, they can even become a center point of the space and transform the living area, both inside and out. However bi-fold patio doors do come at a price, so homeowners want to make sure they are worth the investment for their particular needs. Use this advice to judge whether or not bi-fold patio doors are a good fit for your Del Mar, CA home.

Framing Questions are Key

Bi-fold patio doors are all different, and you will need to get the right set of doors for your home to turn out as you had hoped. You can get a traditional bi-fold door or a more modern multi-fold door with an odd number. There are also a number of variables within the frame, such as whether the doors open left to right or right to left. They can also open at 90-degree angles, inwards, outwards, or even up and down. There’s a world of options and if you make a wrong decision, you can be unhappy with the overall result. Make sure you have a specialist come to your house to talk over the best options to maximize bi-fold patio doors in your home.

Door Materials are Important Too

You have probably opened both heavy and lightweight doors in your lifetime and you don’t want to mess with big, clunky, heavy doors when it comes to your patio. Bi-fold patio doors are large and if they were heavy, it would be hard and cumbersome to open them. Many homeowners go with aluminum doors because they are lightweight and easy to push open and closed when needed. Their narrow frames are also easy to tuck snugly out of the way. At the same time, they are sturdy and protective when it comes to moisture and wind.

Safety is Always a Concern

Whenever you put doors on your home, you will want to think about the safety of your house. You might think that bi-fold patio doors aren’t as safe as others because of all the glass, but they’re actually very hard to break through. They have triple glazing for reduced heat loss and that makes them very tough. They also come with multi-locking systems so they can’t be opened from outside.

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