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Pellco is Your Top Supplier for LaCantina Windows & More

Pellco Windows & Doors is your curated selection of the best quality windows and doors meticulously chosen to elevate your home from ordinary to extraordinary. And at the heart of our collection of top brands is LaCantina Doors. We only deal with high-end, quality products, and LaCantina is one of the best. If you are looking to upgrade your environment every day with a luxurious look and function of your windows and doors, then LaCantina might be the right fit for you. They offer swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and screens that stand the test of time.

What is LaCantina Doors?

We strive to offer you the best products and services on the market. LaCantina is more than just a door manufacturer. It’s a brand that offers an innovative way to make the most out of your every day. Imagine panels of glass folding or sliding away, blurring the lines between your living space and the breathtaking great outdoors. Committed to exceptional quality and ceaseless innovation, LaCantina doors can dramatically transform any space. Features that distinguish LaCantina in the windows and doors industry include:

  • Pioneering Large Opening Door Systems – LaCantina’s primary specialty is developing door systems that greatly enlarge living spaces, setting them apart from competitors.
  • Product Diversity – As a single-source manufacturer, they offer an unrivaled diversity of folding, sliding, and swing doors for any architectural style in any environment.
  • Comprehensive Matching Package – Using the same signature profiles, LaCantina’s folding, sliding, and swing systems provide a perfect match for a complete door package.
  • Visual appeal – The minimalistic designs of LaCantina doors offer clean lines that stack neatly when open. Narrow stiles and low-profile rails enable more natural light to penetrate, augmenting their visual appeal.
  • Quality and Innovation – LaCantina is renowned for the exceptional quality and consistent innovation of its products.
  • Environment-Friendly – The manufacturing processes are focused on reducing environmental impact.
  • Specialized Development – The brand specializes in refining and developing products that greatly enhance indoor/outdoor living.
LaCantina Doors in Southern California

LaCantina Doors History

Founded in 1981, LaCantina Doors is a trailblazer in designing and manufacturing large opening door systems. With its roots firmly in California, this visionary company has dedicated itself to the creation of products that transform spaces, making them more vibrant, open, and aesthetically pleasing. LaCantina has taken strides to evolve its products over time, resulting in an array of innovative doors and windows available today. They have contributed to award-winning projects across residential, commercial, retail, education facilities, resorts, and more. With the industry’s most diverse range of folding, sliding, and swing doors for any architectural style, LaCantina truly stands out as a brand dedicated to innovation, quality, and superior design.

Commitment to Quality

At Pellco Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on partnering with brands committed to delivering unmatched quality. Utilizing premium-grade materials and ensuring rigorous quality checks, INICIO aims to deliver long-lasting durability and impressive functionality. Just as they adhere to strict manufacturing standards to create their high-performance windows and doors, we at Pellco ensure that the same excellence is reflected in our services. By offering an assortment of INICIO’s outstanding products, we stand firm in our promise to deliver quality to our customers, affirming that your investment in your home will reap rewarding and durable results, which is reflected in our testimonials.

Explore the Wide Range of LaCantina Products

LaCantina is an industry-leading name that is renowned for designing and manufacturing exceptional large-opening door systems. With their creative approach and unwavering commitment to innovation, they provide aesthetically appealing, durable, and quality-assured products. They are experts at designing door systems that open up spaces, transforming and enhancing the style and function of any home or business. View our portfolio to see what these doors can really do for your space. With a broad spectrum of products, LaCantina offers the perfect solution for all kinds of architectural needs. LaCantina’s products include:

  • Folding Doors – LaCantina’s signature door panels, available in their folding doors, are perfect for completely transforming any space. With a clean design, these doors allow for seamless stacking when opened. Known for their symmetry, these doors allow for more natural light due to their narrow stiles and low-profile rails.
  • Sliding Doors – Perfect for creating an illusion of more space, LaCantina’s sliding doors offer both aesthetics and functionality. Available in various material options and performance levels, they meet the requirements of any commercial or residential project.
  • Swing Doors – Combining elegant design with practical utility, LaCantina’s swing doors provide a stunning addition to any interior. Like their folding and sliding counterparts, swing doors also employ their signature door panels, ensuring a visual match across all openings.
  • Screens – For those desiring to enjoy the outdoor view without any hassles, LaCantina’s range of screens is the ideal choice. Offering protection from insects and glare, they also contribute to the energy efficiency of any space.

Why Choose Us?

Pellco Windows & Doors is your trusted partner in crafting your dream home or business. We provide expert guidance through the selection process, ensuring you choose the perfect LaCantina solution for your lifestyle and vision.

We specialize in high-end brands because we only want quality execution and lasting client satisfaction. We know that whatever product or design you choose, you are going to use it every day, which means a high-quality product is necessary. You can be sure that when you choose to work with us, we will help you make sure that the windows and doors you choose for your space are the best fit. Take the next step to transform your space. Contact us today!

Windows and Doors of the Highest Quality and Value