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Folding Doors and Windows: See the World in a New Perspective

When you want to blur the line between indoors and out, folding doors are a great choice. With these doors, they fold to one side, keeping them from obstructing your view. There are multiple configurations and sizes available to suit your space. Folding doors can open from the left, right, or center.

When open, these folding glass walls beautifully frame your view. When closed, they create a stunning wall of light. With lots of materials to choose from and performance glass installed, you won’t have to worry about energy-efficiency.

These folding doors can have a contemporary look with slimmer profiles or with more traditional styling with thicker profiles. Regardless of the style of your home—on the interior and exterior—there is a folding glass door for your San Diego home. With such beautiful weather year-round in the area, you’ll want to invite the outside in.

Folding glass panels are also available as windows.


Folding Glass Door Brands We Trust

Everyone loves options, and that’s why we carry more than one brand of folding glass doors. We’ve carefully selected these brands based on many factors including consistency in quality, reliability, warranties, and more. We gladly recommend any of these brands and have installed them in homes throughout the area. Browse our brands by clicking on each logo.

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