Entry Doors

Stunning Entry Doors for Your Home

Entry doors play an important role in your home—they are visible from the interior and exterior. They need to fit the style of your home while also performing as expected. Entry and patio doors are an important investment, so you need to find a door that checks all the boxes. Your first decision will be the material. The Pelletier Company offers entry doors in fiberglass, wood, and steel. Here is a quick comparison of each material:

Why Replace Your Entry Doors

Whether you’re replacing your entry doors due to function, damage, or a change of style, you’ll appreciate these benefits.

  • Enhance Operation and Functionality: If your existing doors don’t fit right due to settling, water damage, or poor installation, it’s time for you to consider new entry doors.
  • Ensure Long-Term Performance:  With direct exposure to the elements, entry doors must be engineered to withstand whatever comes their way. Choose a door that will maintain its frame and continue to keep your home protected from the environment.
  • Choose a Low Maintenance and Material:  If your doors are cracking, peeling, or leaking due to poor construction or unsuitable materials, change the situation today with new doors that perform and require minimal maintenance.
  • Reinforce Security: If your current doors don’t close properly, you are exposing yourself to possible breaches. Keep your home protected with doors that shut and lock.
    Change Your Style: Do your current entry doors look dated and don’t compliment your home’s aesthetic? Find a new door that fits your current vibe.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency: Doors can be a huge drain on energy, letting cold or hot air into spaces. Gaps and ill-fitting doors welcome drafts and leaks. Your new door could dramatically impact your energy bills.
  • Get a High Return on Investment. Doors make a difference. According to Remodeling Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value” Report, replacing an entry door with a fiberglass or wood entry door system can have a return of up to 95% of the cost for homes on the west coast.

Exterior Door Brands We Trust

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