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Explore the Centor Collection at Pellco Windows & Doors

Few things are as stunning as the natural world; nowhere is more unique than the place you call home. Connect to the world by bringing natural light and breathtaking views inside. Centor Windows & Doors effortlessly elevate your Southern California home. Centor meticulously combines the necessary components for a complete system with doors, hardware, and screens. Each door is manufactured using the highest quality materials that let natural light flow and brighten your home. Pellco Windows & Doors carries a wide selection of Centor Windows & Doors, including bifold, folding, and swing doors. Contact us to learn more about the Centor brand or schedule your quote.

Centor Windows & Doors

Designing and manufacturing high-end doors and window systems has always been the root of everything Centor has done. Since their founding in 1951 by German engineer Frank Spork, they began manufacturing hardware and track for sliding doors. Over time, their reputation grew, as did their product line and commitment to excellence. In 1981, Centor patented, designed, and manufactured the modern folding door perfect for exterior openings for the first time. These doors allowed designers and architects to build homes with a seamless connection to the natural world. From there, Centor delivered the world’s first retractable insect screen for large door openings that could be operated with a fingertip.

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Centor Doors and Windows in Southern California

Unrivaled Luxury Features

Each Centor bi-fold and folding door is manufactured to allow you to effortlessly enjoy an inside-outside connection. With their years of experience as industry leaders, they could look at their whole system. This allowed the company to focus on concealed hardware to remove visual distractions while focusing on engineering excellence to ensure each Southern California home is protected from the elements. Centor doors are designed to remain secure and open smoothly when the weather allows. Depending on the collection you choose, you’ll have access to a wide range of luxury features. One of the most impressive features is their AutoLatch™ system, a hidden lever that allows you to operate the door from the inside.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Each door manufactured by Centor uses high-end, thermally-improved materials built to last a lifetime. Further, each piece of your new door frame and panels is painted after cutting and machining to achieve the highest levels of corrosion resistance. Centor also offers premium hybrid doors with a natural wood interior and robust aluminum exterior. This attention to detail ensures you get a luxury product manufactured with the care and attention to detail you need to enhance your home.

Why Choose Pellco Windows & Doors?

Pellco Windows & Doors is San Diego’s preferred Centor dealer. Each member of our team has extensive experience working with their products. Further, our skilled team will provide a full breakdown of your options, including the operating types, available materials and finishes, and more to create your custom ideal patio door. Each door we order is based on our client’s specific measures to ensure a stunning fit time and time again. We encourage you to reach out to learn more about our premium services and to view our collection of Centor doors and windows.

Elevate Your Home By Reaching Out Today

Add a touch of elegance to your home by investing in premium doors and windows from Centor. Pellco Windows & Doors carries a wide range of luxury doors that let you enjoy open-plan living while adding protection against glare with just a fingertip. Our seasoned designers are committed to working with your vision to bring together a space that exceeds your expectations. Centor is known for high-quality products and hardware manufactured to last for years. Whether you’re looking to elevate your living room or want your front door to make a statement, our team will work with you to find the right combination of styles and hardware to fit your needs. To schedule your quote, reach out and talk to our knowledgeable representatives today.

Windows and Doors of the Highest Quality and Value