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Professional Window and Door Provider in Southern California

The Best Choice for Doors and Windows

At Pellco Windows & Doors, we are the best choice for doors and windows in Newport Beach and San Diego because our services revolve around the customer. We are here to meet your needs and answer your questions. We want you to feel confident about your choices so we make sure that you have all the information you need before you spend a cent. You will find that our staff is eager and able to answer all of your questions.

Furthermore, we can help you choose the right windows and/or doors for your home or commercial property. Different windows and doors have different advantages that you should know about. There are also hundreds of styles to choose from. We want to help you sort your options to make the very best choice. To start chatting with a window and door expert, give us a call or visit our showroom.

Whether you are undergoing a renovation or building a new home from the ground up, you probably have a lot of questions about new windows and doors. That’s why we have put together a list of the most common window/door questions and answered them.

First of all, there are different materials. For instance, fiberglass entry doors tend to be the most energy-efficient and cost-effective. Steel doors are incredibly strong and add security to your home. You should also consider the style and color of your door. This way, it will flow with the aesthetic of your home.

The most common dimensions for front doors are 80”, 84”, and 96” tall by 36” wide with a thickness of 1 ¾ and some at 2 ¼”. Keep in mind though that there are many different varieties with different dimensions.

The most secure front door would be one that incorporates a multi-point lock system. A multi-point lock, as the name suggests, latches onto the door frame at multiple points, providing enhanced security against forceful entries. The inherent strength and robustness of steel make it an excellent choice for the door’s frame. A steel frame is resistant to warping and cracking, and it’s significantly harder to breach compared to wood or plastic frames. Therefore, combining a multi-point lock system with a steel frame can significantly enhance your front door’s security, ultimately making your home safer.

There are many different kinds, including fiberglass, wood, steel, aluminum, wrought iron, vinyl, and more.

There are several popular entry door styles, each with unique aesthetic and architectural qualities:

Traditional Doors: These are usually characterized by raised panels, decorative moldings, and glass inserts. They often come in rich, warm colors and are designed to give a timeless, classic look to any home.

Farmhouse Doors: Known for their rustic appeal, these doors often feature straight, clean lines and are typically made of wood or have a wood-like finish. They may also include glass panes on the upper half of the door.

Modern Doors: Reflecting contemporary design principles, modern doors are known for their sleek, minimalist design. They often incorporate elements like geometric patterns, frosted glass, and bold colors.

Craftsman Doors: Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, Craftsman style doors often feature a window at the top, with a large panel below and two or three smaller panels beneath that. They are usually made of wood and have a sturdy, handcrafted appearance.

Spanish Doors: Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean architecture, Spanish style doors are often heavy, with robust wooden designs and intricate hardware. Arch-shaped doors are common in this style.

Arched Doors: Known for their distinctive rounded tops, arched doors add a touch of elegance and can fit into various architectural styles. They are often paired with decorative glass inserts or ironwork for added character.

When it comes to house windows, there are many different styles, including sliding, bay and bow windows, single hung and double hung windows, casement and awning windows, picture, custom and specialty windows

Condensation on windows typically arises due to discrepancies in temperature and humidity levels on either side of the window pane. When the atmosphere is warmer and possesses higher humidity on one side, moisture tends to condense on the surface of the window panes. However, if you notice condensation occurring between layers of insulated glass in dual-pane or triple-pane windows, it’s likely a sign that the seal has failed. Implementing certain measures can assist in minimizing window condensation.

New construction windows are designed to be installed during construction of the building, after framing is completed. Replacement windows are designed (sized) to be installed into an existing opening.

Yes. They are rated using the U-Factor which measures how well a window keeps heat inside your home. They are also rated using the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient which measures how much heat will transfer into your home from the sun. The lower the number, the less heat a window or door lets in.

You can use a combination of dish soap and warm water. Mix the solution in a bucket and use it to soak a clean cloth, rag, or sponge. Wipe the surface of the pane thoroughly and dry with a lint-free cloth. For tough stains, try wetting newspaper with rubbing alcohol and wiping the pane.

Be sure to keep them clean and inspect for gaps or damage. Look for water leaks. Inspect each insulated glass lite for moisture between the panes. Also, keep free of debris so blockages don’t occur, and replace exposed components that breakdown overtime.

You can count on us for all your door and window needs in Newport Beach and San Diego. With over 30 years of experience, Pellco Windows & Doors is the top-choice for window and door services. Come browse our wide selection featuring the best door and window brands today.

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