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Explore Quantum Windows & More and Pellco Windows & Doors

At Pellco Windows & Doors, we are the bridge that connects our clients in Southern California with the finest fenestration brands across the nation. One such gem in our collection is Quantum, renowned for its state-of-the-art wood windows and doors. Crafted from the wonders of sustainable wood, their exquisite design innovation, quality craftsmanship, and cutting-edge fabrication make Quantum Windows and Doors a favorite amongst architects, builders, and homeowners.

What is Quantum Windows & Doors?

Quantum is a Pacific Northwest-based brand that handcrafts custom architectural wood, clad, and steel fenestration products. Their embrace of the unique attributes of wood has led to some of the most captivating windows and doors available today. The skillful blend of tradition and technology helps them design and craft windows and doors that are truly made for each client. The following features of Quantum Windows & Doors are what sets them apart from many others in the industry:

  • Tailored Designs – Quantum does not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. They create their products based on the specifications provided by the customer, which means that the client has control over every detail, from the size, type of wood, and finish to the hardware and glass type. The goal is to make each window and door truly personal and fitting to the space it’s designed.
  • Architectural Fenestration Products – The brand specializes in creating architectural fenestration products in wood, clad, and steel. This refers to items such as windows, doors, and skylights and how these products are integrated into the design of a building.
  • Mastery of Wood – Quantum has a unique appreciation for the properties of wood, understanding its beauty and the warmth it can bring to a home or space. With an artful touch, each piece of wood is carefully worked on to maintain its grain, color, and inherent strength, adding a striking visual appeal but also providing unmatched durability.
  • Efficient Designs – In addition to aesthetic benefits, Quantum Windows & Doors also focuses on creating energy-efficient designs, promoting sustainability and potentially reducing heating and cooling costs for homeowners.
Quantum Windows and Doors in Southern California

Quantum Windows & Doors History

Quantum was founded in 1982, born out of dissatisfaction with the mass-produced windows available in the market. What started as a small enterprise in a tiny shop 15 miles from Seattle has evolved into one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

As Quantum moves forward, it remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries in design and function. Just as it started with a vision to fill a void and satisfy a market need, Quantum continues to strive to set the industry standard for quality, durability, and aesthetics, delivering unmatched value to all of its customers.

Explore Our Wide Range of Products

Quantum has made a significant mark in the industry due to its diverse product range and exemplary manufacturing standards, and we are proud to distribute its prestigious products. This brand is renowned for its line of highly crafted architectural products that epitomize quality, durability, and class. Choose Quantum for architectural solutions that reflect your own taste and lifestyle. With a wide selection, homeowners and architects alike are sure to find a product that perfectly aligns with their vision. If your vision needs more clarity, check out our portfolio for inspiration. Our catalog of Quantum products includes:

  • Signature Windows – These are custom-built, showcasing high-level workmanship and materials for discerning clients who appreciate elegance.
  • Classic Windows – The traditional choice that merges simplicity and class, they seamlessly fit into any architectural style.
  • Clad Windows – Quantum’s Clad Windows combines the warmth of wood with the durability of metal cladding, providing a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality.
  • Steel Windows – Known for their robust construction and sleek design, Quantum’s Steel Windows are a timeless choice, offering strength and sophistication.
  • Legacy Windows – Ideal for historic renovation projects, these maintain the character of traditional aesthetics while meeting today’s standards for comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Euro Windows – Combining superior craftsmanship with modern design, these bring a touch of European sophistication to your property.
  • Lift & Slide Doors – Quantum’s Lift & Slide Doors redefine the concept of seamless indoor-outdoor living, providing a smooth and effortless transition between spaces.
  • Slide & Fold Doors – Quantum’s architectural and engineered designs focus on maximizing views while providing optimal temperature control and energy efficiency. Offering versatility and space-saving benefits, these doors are designed to maximize natural light and create an open, inviting atmosphere.
  • Hinged & Pivot Doors – Quantum’s Hinged & Pivot Doors are a statement of grandeur, combining functionality with a striking design to create a memorable entrance.
  • Steel Curtain Wall – Ideal for large-scale projects, Quantum’s Steel Curtain Wall systems offer an impressive blend of strength and transparency, allowing for expansive views and a modern aesthetic.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the heart and soul of Quantum. The caliber of their products does not happen by accident but through an ongoing, unwavering commitment to ensuring every detail is considered. Their reputation as a leader in the industry hinges upon this dedication, and they constantly strive to exceed the expectations of their valued customers. Our testimonials are the best reflections of our commitment to quality.

Quantum Windows & Doors doesn’t only rely on traditional methods of craftsmanship. They blend these time-honored techniques with modern technology, ensuring their products meet the highest standard of quality. This melding of old and new allows Quantum to meet a wide range of customer needs while preserving the timeless elegance and style of well-crafted wood windows and doors.

Why Choose Pellco for Quantum Windows & Doors?

At Pellco, we not only sell but also believe in the value Quantum Windows & Doors offers. Our knowledgeable team understands Quantum’s range and can help guide you toward a choice that beautifully complements your project’s unique demands.

As authorized dealers of Quantum in Southern California, we have unparalleled access to their products, coupled with our expertise, which makes us the best choice for purchasing Quantum products. Additionally, we offer a range of other top-notch brands for hardware and molding to ensure all your needs are catered to under one roof. Contact us and take a step toward enhancing your property’s beauty and value today! We look forward to helping you find the perfect product for your project.

Windows and Doors of the Highest Quality and Value