Bi-Fold Door Basics

Carlsbad, CA Bi-fold doors

If you’ve never had bi-fold doors in your home, you’re not alone. Most homeowners haven’t. But Carlsbad, CA Bi-fold doors are becoming more popular, though there are misconceptions behind them that need to be cleared up. You need to make sure you know what bi-fold doors are if you are looking for the right doors for your home. It’s important to know their benefits so you can make an informed decision that will fit your needs. Learn the basics so you can make the right choice.  

Definition Of Bi-Fold Doors 

Bi-fold doors are doors that fold as you slide it open. They usually have many components that include door pulls, tracks, pivot plates, and more. They can be harder to install because of their many parts, but if you have a professional take on the installation, there’s no need to worry.  

Bi-Fold Door Applications 

Bi-fold doors are great because you can use them in a number of ways. One of the most common ways is as a patio door. You can open just a little of the bi-fold door to let air in and out or you can fold them all the way back and allow your home to be a part of the outdoor living space. You can open and close these doors in a variety of ways, based on your needs for that particular moment.  

Comparing To Other Door Styles 

Bi-fold doors are like other patio doors in that they slide on a track, much like a sliding glass door. However, they open like an accordion and can be designed in many different ways. Bi-fold doors are also popular on closets and pantries inside the house, though not generally with glass.  

Do You Want Bi-Fold Doors? 

Whether or not bi-fold doors are right for you is completely your decision and will depend on a lot of factors. Many homeowners will take their budget into consideration first and foremost and that’s very important. If you have the doors in your budget, you can consider them further. If you don’t, you’ll have to move on to other options. Those who want to have a more streamlined indoor/outdoor living space often love having these doors in place. And, if you have a great view out the back of your home, bi-fold doors are ideal for bringing that view in, even when they are closed.  

If you have an interest in exploring Carlsbad, CA bi-fold doors further, contact The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750. We can come to your home and examine your situation to see if bi-fold doors would help you meet your goals or if your home is better suited to another style. We’re here to help you get the efficiency and functionality you need in patio doors. You can stop by and see what bi-fold doors look like in person as well when you visit our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. You’ll get nothing but the best customer service at all times. 


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