Consider Bifold Patio Doors for Additions

No one really looks forward to packing all of their stuff and moving it to a new location. It’s hard work! And finding the right house and fixing it up the way you like is a challenge as well. Many homeowners decide to forgo the process entirely and simply add on to their existing house when they need more space. They get extra living space and they add value to their home in case they want to sell someday.

If you are considering an addition to your home, it is wise to also consider utilizing bifold patio doors on that addition. You can extend your property in Del Mar, CA even further with a spacious feeling that bifold patio doors bring with them, whether they are open or closed. If you lose part of your yard to the addition, you will gain quite a bit in the view department with bifold patio doors. Here are some other things they will do for you.

Create Spacious Feelings

The design of bifold patio doors allows them to open your home directly to the outdoor living area. Your house will feel like one big open space, even if the backyard is smaller than before because of the addition. When the doors are closed, they include glass that goes from the ceiling all the way down to the floor. The interior still feels like a wide-open space, connected to whatever is outside of your home.

Versatility in Options

You can fit bifold patio doors into any size or shape opening. They can open inward or outward as well. You get to choose how they are configured before you place them in your home. You can have them all fold up on one side or they can open from the middle and fold on each side. There are plenty of choices!

Material Choices

There is a range of materials available for bifold patio doors as well. You can get wood, aluminum, or vinyl. It’s easy to choose the right type of doors for your addition. What type of windows do you have? Perhaps you want to match that look or go with something that will contrast.

Stay Safe and Secure

Bifold patio doors even have security benefits that you may not realize. Burglars might think that the back of a home in a new addition is an easy place to break in, but these doors are strong and secure, and the glass is not something that shatters with ease. With effective locking systems and multi-points, the addition is just as secure as the rest of the house with bifold patio doors.

If you want to cap your new addition off with bifold patio doors, contact The Pelletier Company by calling (858) 271-1750. We’d love to help you make the right choices for doors on your new addition. Stop by and see some of the options we offer in our showroom at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131!
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