Why Bifold Doors Define Awesome

Have you ever run across a feature in a home and been blown away? Perhaps the first time you saw a trashcan hid in a slide out drawer in the kitchen or the moment you noticed the tray ceiling in the living room. When something strikes you, it’s hard to forget. And many people have found that Bifold doors in Solana Beach, CA are simply amazing. In fact, they’re the reason people use the word ‘awesome.’ Here are a few advantages of these doors and why you might want to consider them for your home. 

Bifold doors in Solana Beach, CA


Large Openings Are Created 

Bifold doors are special in that they fold and slide, which gives you a large opening and full access to the other side. They work great on large walls and can give you an indoor/outdoor feel, even when you are clearly inside your home. They can span the whole length of the wall, if you’d like, and give you a clear and complete opening to the outside of your home 


They’re Unique 

Bifold doors aren’t something you see on every home. They are a door that folds up like an accordion instead of opening out or sliding into a wall. They look cool and modern, but they can also be almost invisible once they are folded up and out of the way. They give the home the look of a wall full of windows, but they act as doors that can open the house to the other side with ease. 


They Don’t Use Up Space 

Space is at a premium in most homes and bifold doors are huge space savers. They let you have the room completely open to the other side without worries of where the door will swing and whether or not it will be in the way. They’re great for small spaces, but they can also make a large space even more large and open. 


Bifold Doors Bring The Light 

Doors made of glass tend to let light into a home. When you have glass in the place of a wall, you get plenty of light into the room. You might worry about heat, but with modern technology in play and low-E glass, the light gets in, but the heat and UV rays are blocked without problems. 


These are just a few of the many reasons why bifold doors in Solana Beach, CA define ‘awesome’. They are truly awesome to view and when they are folded back and out of the way, they allow any home an indoor/outdoor living space that bring that word up yet again. If you are interested in getting new doors for your home so you can access the patio with ease and bring in more light when you have the doors closed, contact The Pelletier Company at (858) 271-1750 so we can discuss your goals and needs. You can also see some door options in person when you visit us at 9899 Hibert Street Ste F, San Diego CA 92131. We’re here to show you just how awesome bifold doors really are. 

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