installationDoors and Windows play a significant role in the aesthetics and functionality of your home, inside and out. With that much at stake, you deserve to work with a great installer. The Pelletier Company has been working with the same experienced, licensed and insured installers for over 15 years. These professionals have consistently earned high customer ratings on all installations, including new doors & window construction, replacement windows, shower installation, lift & slide doors, multi-slide/ pocketing doors, bi-folding doors, swinging & pivot doors, and much more.  Our goal is to refer you to the specialists in the brands that we represent. All products and materials have a minimum of one year warranty on labor. 

deliveryThe Pelletier Company is all about a stress-free purchasing and delivery experience, so with any product that you purchase we offer jobsite delivery.   We understand the importance of and the special attention required to make sure that your delivery arrives on time, and is unloaded and handled safely and properly.  Most of our venders offer jobsite direct deliveries, but for those who do not, or who require a minimum, we work with a delivery service that can handle small to medium size loads.  

Windows and doors are a significant investment.  The Pelletier Company is committed to bringing you products of the highest quality and value, and that provide you with the comfort of knowing you’re covered.  We partner with manufacturers that offer among the strongest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry.   Warranties are not all the same, so we encourage you to carefully review each warranty when considering a manufacturer.

What is covered


  • Exclusions from coverage
  • Exceptions to a Warranty
  • Is labor covered
  • Is the warranty transferable
  • How long is the warranty
  • What are your options if you have warranty issues

Life comes with few guarantees, but that’s not the case when purchasing products from The Pelletier Company.  Feel confident about your purchase. To get a copy of our Manufacturers warranties, contact your Pelletier Company sales rep, or email your request to

smartcareFor a small fee, Smartcare is a service that is available for Jeld-Wen Custom, Sitelite, and Builders Series window & door product lines.  Smartcare completes the window package for after installation, inspection and fine tuning. SmartCare will help significantly reduce problems and insure customer satisfaction.

Benefits to the Builder

  • Fewer callbacks and fewer problems with missing parts and
  • Stay on schedule minimizing lost productivity
  • Reduce long term liability and cost
  • Reduction in warranty claims
  • Immediate positive impact leads to more referrals


Benefits to the Homeowner

  • Insures complete customer satisfaction with products
  • Receive thorough explanation and demonstration of each
    window and door
  • Professional fine-tuning of each unit provides total satisfaction
  • Builds long term satisfaction in Jeld-Wen Products
  • Receive complete care, maintenance, and warranty information
  • Receive complete contact information for long-term warranty

Download the SmartCare Brochure

post-sale-supportWe believe that you don’t do business with a company; you do business with the men and women who represent the company, and we understand that the lifeline of our business is our customers.  A long-term relationship is our ultimate mission, and a testament to the success of The Pelletier Company.

It is important for us to partner with vendors who share our belief in providing customers the support they need after the product has been sold. Post-sale Support includes warranty service in cases of damage or defects; it can include training on the use of the product, and providing answers to questions or concerns you may have. Our goal of Post-sale Support is to address and successfully resolve any issues you’re experiencing in a timely manner.

The reputation and growth of The Pelletier Company is the result of years of positive word-of-mouth referrals based on our attention to detail and our fair prices.

TruCAD Door Design Tool Allows Complete Customization

  • trucad-home
  • With TruStile’s exclusive web-based software, you can design your own custom door. Specify the height, width and location of all the stiles, rails and mullions within a door. Start Using TruCAD

The Possibilities are Limitless

Here are just a few ways you can use our TruCAD® Door Design Tool to make your door not just fit, but truly complete your design.

  • Oversized Stiles and Railstrucad-oversized-stile
  • Custom Arch Dimensionstrucad-custom-arch
  • trucad-lock-railSpecify Lock Rail Placement
  • trucad-custom-stileCustom Stile Dimensions