Centor Large Sliding Doors and Screens

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Because the world is beautiful.

Create inside-outside living without the compromises with the world’s first Integrated Doors. Challenging all concepts of what we know as a door today, Centor has combined doors, sliding screen doors, shades and hardware as one to create a new category of Integrated Doors. In 2015, Centor Integrated Doors received worldwide recognition after winning a Red Dot Design Award for its ‘innovative multi-functionality’.

The sliding screens and shades built into Centor Integrated Doors provide unprecedented versatility, allowing control of insects, sunlight and privacy all year round. When not in use, the screens and shades retract into the door frame so the view to outside is uninterrupted. Concealed locks and hardware contribute to the contemporary look of the Door, while panels move with fingertip operation thanks to Centor’s patent-pending hardware.

Integrated Doors combine a solid wood interior with an aluminum exterior and are available in a variety of configurations including Folding, Double-swing and Single. Made in America, energy-efficient Integrated Doors offer a wide range of options for customization.

Centor Integrated Doors are supplied and installed through a network of professional door dealerships. The Pelletier Company is your Integrated Dealer in the San Diego area.