Fleetwood Windows & Doors



“Making It Better…Not Cheaper”

Optimal views, and enduring quality sets Fleetwood apart. Since 1961, Fleetwood has been manufacturing luxury-home windows and doors in Southern California. Our aluminum profiles allow for large glass and sleek sightlines, maximizing your view. We make our own Archetype-hardware and offer only the finest finishes, providing you with the satisfaction of lasting quality and unmatched value.


Stunning Sizes:

  • Casements 8′ tall
  • Sliding door panels 12′ wide or 18′ tall
  • Hinged door panels 5′ wide or 12′ tall
  • Pivot doors 10′ wide or 15′ tall
  • Folding doors 12′ tall
  • Fixed window walls 30′ tall


Examples of Fleetwood proprietary hardware/features:

  • THE ORIGINAL Archetype (“Mammoth”) 3″ roller (Year 2005)
  • Authentic Swiss Bearings added to the A3 roller (Year 2008)
  • Authentic Swiss Bearings added to the A2 roller (Year 2008)
  • PATENTED Archetype Locking Hardware
  • Stainless Archetype Adjustable Strike Assembly
  • Stainless Archetype Edge Pull
  • Stainless Archetype Sliding Window Latch/strike
  • PATENTED Archetype Narrow Locking Hardware
  • Stainless butt-hinges for casement windows
  • Stainless cam-handles for casement, awning and hopper windows
  • Hinged Screen for push-out windows
  • Casement/Awning window roto-hardware protective cover
  • “UltraVue” as the standard mesh for all screens
  • Sub Sillpan option for flush-sill water performance
  • Casement / Awning / Hopper stainless screen clip


Exclusive Hardware:

  • Patented “Archetype” sliding door hardware, designed and manufactured by Fleetwood.
  • Exposed hardware is electro-polished #316 stainless.
    “Archetype” A3 and A2 stainless rollers come with authentic Swiss bearings, assembled in California.
  • Hinged doors come standard with FSB levers and escutcheon plates.